Help needed: Upgrading from Replicant

Hello there!

I’ve long been sceptical of smartphones and didn’t buy one at all, relying instead on my antiquated “normal” mobile phone for many years. However, recently I felt that I couldn’t resist the trend any longer and therefore bought a Samsong Galaxy S3 in order to install Replicant on it. Unfortunately, Replicant doesn’t make it function at all; the device isn’t even able to detect a SIM card.

Therefore, I would like to switch to /e/, and my question is whether I can do so, following the installation instructions, without bricking the device.

Thanks very much in advance!

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hello and wellcome

try here to find your device and follow the instructions and when you get in troubles, come back. Have luck

I’ve used Replicant and /e/ on the same i9300 without any issues.

The i9305 can be a little tricky. There are some threads here about it, if that’s the one you’re using.

Don’t forget the /e/ gitlab for more info too.


If you are asking if you can use /e/ as a repair I would not recommend this.

Which device code on your S3?

Hello there. I’ve got the i9300. Thanks for the advice. I think I’ll just try following the manual, let’s see where it gets me.

I tried Réplicant 6.0 on a Galaxy Tab2 last year, But found that WiFi and camera don’t work.

Hi @piero, so should @webspinner listen to this caution first:

Caution: Before following these instructions please ensure that the device is on the latest Android firmware.

or go ahead from a “slightly broken” device and hope that this patch fixes everything?

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according the /e/ documentation, the patch i was talking about is for the i9305 and you’ve got the i9300