Help with installing on linux mint

HI Im new to this whole area… iv got linux mint 20 on my laptop and tried to type command line in but getting nothing.

I want to download the software and have a go at installing on my Samsung phone.

I have the software manager and searched but the software doesnt seem to show up

Any help would be appreciated

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witch model is it ?
feel free to ask here, in your thead, if you encounter difficulties…
as you are a Linux Mint user, this guide is good for you :

its a SAmsung s9… ive loaded the easyinstall onto my wind lap instead to start with.

Now do I need to have phone in Fastboot mode

The easy installer will install /e/Oreo android 8, even over your actual stock android 10 !
( it will properly downgrading your system to android 8 )

If you want /e/Q android 10, you have to do it manually…
Official documentation for the s9 is not 100% up to date and accurate : if you have already stock android 10 installed, and you want to install /e/Q over it, don’t care about the flash android 8 vendor image additional step, it was for installing /e/Oreo over stock android 10…


Edit : if you are a windows user,

fastboot command don’t work on Samsung device, you have to use Heimdall or Odin to flash in “download mode”

Please read the entire howto AND the official documentation before starting anything.
Is your device a G960F ?

G965F im trying with the twrp now via windows i cant get the linux to work

which twrp do i get… i can see my model on the twrp site

you first said Galaxy s9 with Mint,
What were your issues ?
You have to open the terminal in the folder where you downloaded the file to flash

Now it galaxy G965F with windows

OK, So G965F is Galaxy s9+ star2lte,
You need twrp for star2lte .tar (windows)