How do I remove Default apps?

9 Xiaomi devices and 1 Asus device. It was hard to find with DuckDuckGo.
But I’ll stay with /e/

Maybe I’ll try this when installing v0.2

you can download the SU zip for lineageOs(boot into recovery and install) and enable root for aps(in developer option-menu i settings). Then download titanium backup and try to remove system apps.
(searx how to enable developer option if you dont know how)

How can Sailfish be full of google? Its am whole different OS which is meant to not use google?!

While building Sailfish OS I saw a lot of “google” rolling over the terminal, so I aborted the build. Possibly they have the Google search engine default in browser?

The problem with /e/ is pre-installing apps as system apps.You can pre-install them as normal or user apps so that the user can able to remove them.I don’t think it is necessary to make signal,telegram,weather,notes,magic, etc., as system apps.
@pjmbraet here is what i did without root to remove unwanted system apps in /e/ in moto g4 titan.
In a linux terminal
~]$ adb shell
titan_umtsds:/ $ pm list packages
$ pm uninstall -k --user 0 nameofpackage
Here is what i did with other custom roms:
root with magisk
install systemappmover and busybox from F-Droid
move system app to user app
uninstall that app


So it seem like there isn’t currently a way to deinstall those apps? I don’t have much use for some of them and I’d rather have some free disk space. Adding my voice to those who’d like to see this made possible. (Without cracking a terminal, I went for /e/ for convenience after all).

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very insteresting link. Thanks

That just takes me to a page saying “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!”?

me too, weird :frowning:

@kats Sorry for that.

This isn’t really for the average user because removing system apps can break your system. For example: never remove anything from Bliss, you would loose your GUI if you do. Blisslauncher is in another directory by the way. I removed some less important apps like Telegram, Signal, MuPDFmini, Weather… this way. Restart into recovery, mount > mount system -go back- advanced > file manager > select system > select app > choose an app you want to remove, tap on the blue icon bottom right to select it > choose delete. After that reboot, the app is gone.
I hope this is the same in Oreo and Pie, still on Nougat. Please be careful removing system apps.


Thanks, that’s great! Might give it a shot if I happen across some unexpected free time. I think they’ve announced wanting to make everything uninstallable, so maybe I’ll wait for that.

Unwanted apps bother me a lot less since I installed a different launcher and don’t have to deal with that widget screen and unflexible desktop anymore.

I’m allways ‘move’ the apk to /tmp folder. So when my OS won’t boot after ‘deleting’ something i can gi back to twrp and move the apk back to the old place

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Hi harvey186,

I apologize for the silly (noobish) question … but if I installed twrp and then /e/, does it mean that twrp is always there (not cancelled / overwritten / or whatever ) ?
Thank you in advance

On most devices twrp with stay til you overwrite it via stock rom.
TWRP is a recorvery and a recorvery is allways needed.

ok. Thank you for the explanation

Yeah it does have google as the browser default search engine but its easily removed and replaced with one of your choice. What other instances of goolag might there be in your opinion?? as I use Sailfish OS on my secondary device (/e/ on my main)

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I successfully removed system apps with the given adb commands, excellent! Thank you for this


Which apps have you removed? Any issues after that?

Thank you