How is the e OS updated?

I read the FAQ but I could not find an answer regarding regular security updates/patches. Do I have to install a custom ROM every few days to receive updates or does updating work like on a regular Android device?

How is the process for a version switch like from Android 9 to 10? Is Linux type geek insight necessary to upgrade?

In other words is it advisable to “recommend e to my mom”? Thanks

You get an automatic update notification on your phone.
It will download and automatically install a nearly 800mb file.
Apparently 1x per month.
This is how it works with my LG G5.

Sounds like I can recommend e to my mom :slight_smile:



General updates are made this way, but I would say that not version updates. Those must be done reinstalling the ROM, by now at least

Then I hope that by the time Android 10 comes along e developed the user friendly way to upgrade.


This is being talked here: