How to add app widget

I would add a widget on my phone.How can I see the list of widgets I have?
I’ve tried to swipe left on home page, but I obtain the camera app.

Thank you


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It is swipe FROM the left TO the right :

from left to right I obtain numeric keypad.
Is there a menu command to add widgets?


Maybe there is something to do with your swipe technique ?

Be careful not to launch an app – perhaps try to lay your finger gently in an empty part of the Home screen and start to move your finger gently to the right.

Yes it is on the left hand pane.

and where do I can find it? What’s “left hand pane”?

Are you using Bliss launcher?

Lightly touch the screen but don’t tap on any icons.
Swipe from left to right 'til you cannot swipe anymore. You will be on the left-most screen which holds widgets.

There you may see things like SUGGESTIONS; your name, email address, and storage space if using /e/ account; Advanced Privacy widget; weather (maybe).

At the bottom is an ‘Edit’ button. Tap that. From the screen that appears is where you add widgets.
Not on /e/ right now so no screenshots but all is explained here…

[HOWTO] Use the BlissLauncher - eOSWiki / HOWTOs - /e/OS community

Oops, you should have already found that via link provided by @piero .

no, I’m using Olauncher.
Yes, I’d to look inOlauncher help…

That is the first thing you should have mentioned. :expressionless:We were assuming you were using /e/'s default Bliss launcher.

Widget’s are not supported in Olauncher or its forks.
To quote the dev…

Widgets are in the pipeline. Check out the public roadmap in Olauncher settings for more details.

If you really want widgets you can pay…

Adding widgets would be helpful · Issue #325 · tanujnotes/Olauncher · GitHub

sorry, I’ve remembered to have a different launcher just then

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