How to enable a bluetooth hotspot with e installed on a fairphone 3?

I bought a fairphone 3 with e installed and i can’t figure how i can share my connexion via bluetooth.
Can someone tell me where this setting is hidden ?

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On my FP3 it’s in settings/network & internet/hotspot & tethering/wi-fi Hotspot

Hope that helps.

Edit: just noticed now, you mean a Bluetooth hotspot. Never seen that option, sorry.

It may rely on hardware capabilities.
On my Xiaomi MiMix 2, 0.11 /e/ Pie, it’s here :

Windows 10 computer connected to the hotspot :

Note : Windows reports a 3Mb/s speed, this is much slower than WiFi :

Interestingly, a search for “bluetooth” in the Settings will indeed give Hotspot & tethering as a result, where the setting should be, but it just isn’t there.

I think your options right now are either raising the issue at /e/'s GitLab or wait for the upcoming Android 10 release to see then whether that might fix the issue.

@smu44 : If it is hardware capabilities, there is something i don’t understand as i have bluetooth on my phone. I can play music on bluetooth speakers…

@AnotherElk : thanks, i’ll try the Gitlab issue :slight_smile:

The question is, does this feature work with FairphoneOS ?

Hope I’m not necrobumping, but yes: it worked for me with ‘Stock’ Android Pie.

(I’m still under /e/ Pie. Is it resolved in Q?)