How to move from dev to stable branch?

Hi all

After an upgrade to oreo my S7 is now on the dev branch, and all OTA upgrades seem to perpetuate that (by also downloading the dev build of the next /e/ version).
How can I switch back to the stable branch?
The main installation guide Install /e/ on a Samsung Galaxy S7 - “herolte” also points to the images from the dev branch, not the stable one.

Can anybody please help?

Thanks /markus

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Thanks for the link! I assume it is intentional that it is not published (at least not easily findable)?

So for switching to stable, I have to again reinstall (wipe, lose data) the phone?

I think not if
the old and new rom image builds ( )
are based on the same android system version ( oreo )
and for the same project variants ( /e/OS )

yes, both are oreo. it would be very nice not to have to reinstall everything from scratch, which takes a couple of hours every time.
Can I just install the stable image without wiping the system, eg. via adb sideload?

/e/ OS ‘stable’ are officially reserved for the premium ePhones from the esolutions .shop. But why these /e/ ROMs are simply made available to everyone via the /e/asy installer, only the /e/ team knows.

Well, i did get my S7 from the, so I won’t be going around the project’s intentions :wink:

But it does not allow me to install the image from @andrelam’s post to be installed via TWRP:
“Can’t install this package on top of incompatible data. Please try another package or run a factory reset.”

I had upgraded to 0.14-o-dev before trying.

Does anybody have an idea about what could be going wrong?

Which installation variant did you use: ‘dirty install’ or ‘clean install’ or ‘???’ respectively which partitions did you edit and how?

I wouldn’t know … I uploaded the file with adb push, then booted into TWRP -> Install and navigated to the uploaded file. I did not (knowingly) edit any partitions.
I had used the same method for upgrading from 0.13-dev to 0.14-dev, because the OTA upgrade had failed.

Of course, it is nice if the system does not have to be re-initialised. But simply overwriting the files gives considerable potential for a bootloop.

Well, it is what it is. Now it’s a matter of making the best of it.

Although the /e/ OS ROM code e-0.1x-o(reo) for the S7 ‘herolte’ is from the same source, /e/ OS ‘stable’ and /e/ OS ‘dev’ are not the same. That when simply overwriting the one on the S7 from e-0.14-dev with the /e/ OS version e-0.13-stable without swipe conflicts are likely to occur.

The crash is a good opportunity to renew the system completely. Although Samsung has stopped official support for the Galaxy S7 smartphones released almost five years ago, some variants received the September 2020 security patch. In addition, the firmware update fixes another 15 vulnerabilities in Samsung’s software components. Among them is also a critical security vulnerability. It is probably the last official Samsung update for the Galaxy S7. I have flashed this to the S7 and S7 Edge and recommend doing so to have an optimal starting point for /e/ OS 'O’reo and LOS 17.1.

When flashing the firmware G930F* Changelist 19497840, all data is irrevocably lost, the partitions are reformatted, the system is renewed from scratch. Afterwards TWRP 3.3.1-0 and /e/OS e-.0.13-stable ( can be installed.

Ok, thanks!

My bad for assuming that was 0.14 stable. If it is indeed 0.13 stable, it makes absolute sense that it is not installable over 0.14 dev.

I didn’t know it before either, because it wasn’t communicated.
Only when I tried it out myself and received the corresponding error messages was I a little wiser. Good communication has to be learned …

Now this is hard to believe.
The image linked by @andrelam above was nougat-0.13 when originally posted, now it’s nougat-0.14.

Is there a way to have oreo-0.14 stable?

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How can we say it ? you have to understand that /e/OS is in beta phase ( for a couple of years).
today, the 0.14 stable build don’t yet exist ( or it is not yet released )

Dev build have to be tested by the beta testers community ( the all /e/OS users ),

Stable build releases are always 15-30 days, delayed for this reason !

I understand that, of course, that’s what a dev branch is for.
My question comes from the fact that there IS actually a 0.14-stable build for herolte, but it is still based on nougat, while 0.14-dev is oreo (as have been all dev-versions since 0.9, afaict).