How to open file with specific app

when I try to open an .org file the system propose me more app app, where I can’t find the app I would use. I’m wondering how can I set an application as default app to open a particular file.

Thank you


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In FILES manager, a Long press on the link propose contextuel menu ?

no, it does not react…

long press on the file entry in the listing of the “Files” App, then upper right 3-dot menu “Open with”

which orgmode App did you end up installing? so the audience can reproduce if there are any doubts

I use /could use) orgzly. But it doesn’t appear on the list of the app when I long press the 3 dots (as you said). How can I insert on this list of app or how by default use this app to open .org file?


Just checking, but have you installed orgzly? It won’t appear in the list of apps unless you have. (I apologise if you know this already)

orgzly has the concept of a dedicated repo folder (or webdav remote). You open org files by importing them. Not sure if other clients can handle org files at arbitrary paths

so i do have to have a webdav account and put inside the files I need?
Can you sudgest me a free account of webdav?


well, offers one :slight_smile:

Really? Where I can look for it?

just follow the “create account” instructions there

“create account”? I already have a murena account…

Sorry, I still not founf where I can create a webdav drive. Can you send me a link?

Thank you


Go to Files, then click “Settings” at bottom left.
There will be a help link: Accessing Nextcloud files using WebDAV — Nextcloud latest User Manual latest documentation