How to reinstall stock OS on Samsung Note 10 plus

Who can help with a reinstall?

I have a Samsung Note 10 plus, Android version 12

I successfully installed e/os version: 1.6-s-20221201239247-dev-d2s

Because I’m in the US, I just learned this phone is nonoperable because of the VoLTE issue. Fortunately I can still return it for a refund. I would like to reinstall the stock OS, so another person can use it.

My PC has a linux OS (Opensuse). Can anyone get me pointed in the right direction?


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Samsung themselves do not make a Stock ROM available so we are forced to use an archive. I would suggest this is a good starting point Know your hardware - Samsung - #Stock ROM.

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I found this firmware:

It seems promising. Exactly correct model number. Do you think it matters that is says Germany? I purchased an international unlocked version.

Also, I’m good at follow instructions, but have no experience with this task. Do you think if I copied instructions for how to reinstall for other samsung phones, but used this firmware, it would work? Do you have any other suggestions?


I guess your device would have qualified as a “grey import” to USA, so I guess you would be trying to replicate the original. Do you have any clues to where the vendor sourced this particular phone ?

You (or the vendor when he tries to move it on !) will need a Samsung ROM which will run on USA airwaves, the vendor will have chosen a source known to work. I just don’t know if a European ROM is your best bet.

I would fully support with your plan to RTS as the phone did not meet your reasonable expectation that you could use it with a custom ROM in USA. I really hope you will not feel I am being unhelpful … but …

perhaps be aware that when one looks at the Download mode screen of your device I would expect you to see something like

Warranty void = 1

From this the vendor will have an idea of your use of a custom ROM.


Another option available to you is to offer it for sale with /e/OS installed, either here in the forum or on eBay, etc., specifying of course that it can’t do VoLTE.

VoLTE isn’t such a major issue in some countries yet, and many people might love to buy a device with /e/OS already installed, especially if they intend to use it with a data-only plan.

Just a thought.

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As long as I can return it for a full refund, that makes the most sense. Just a couple clicks and problem solved. That being said, I want to return it as close to original as possible. I’ll keep working on this.

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I’ll be prepared for that. But I am not planning on asking for the vendor warranty. I purchased through Amazon and will using there 30 day no questions asked return policy. I probably can return it as is, and still get my money back.

But I prefer to do my best to make it functional. They’ll probably resell it as used, but excellent condition.

Anyways, here are some updates. Unfortunately, despite lot’s of searching, I see no USA options for my model (by the way, I linked to the wrong model firmware above. I have note 10plus, not the S10). If you go to this link, you can see the regions I can choose from. I’m thinking Puerto Rica is the best, because it is a US territory. I don’t even see Canada as an option. Do you have any other ideas?

And if it helps, this is the exact vendor and phone I purchased. I couldn’t see any info to help me know the ROM they used:

Any ideas for moving forward?

An exchange ?

You mean trade with this person?

That won’t solve my problem. No Samsung devices work in the USA. 3G networks have been disabled by all the major service providers and we are dependent on VoLTE functionality, which is not working with Samsung and e/os. Apparently Samsung has kept the code to make this work secret.

I wish I would have known before buying this, that I was heading down a dead end path.

Anyways, thanks for thinking of me.

If it is a “grey import” this would explain the absence of a USA ROM.

I searched “ASIN B09R9G3RL8” which is shown in the Amazon listing.

I found 2 links in addition to the one you bought from

  1. Nicaragua ? –
  2. Bahrain ? –

Puerto Rica seems a reasonable guess !

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I’m giving it a go. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help. I followed that link you posted with reinstall instructions. Successfully flashed the firmware, locked the bootloader and everything is good!

Also, it says “secured by Knox” when it boots, so it appears by to the original

Well, I decided I wasn’t happy with the Puerto Rico firmware. It came with Claro brand all over it.

So I did a little research and discovered you can look up the correct original firmware with the IMIE number. I used this link:

It turns out it was Australian! I downloaded that firmware, flashed with Odin and viola!! Now it really is exactly like it was when I got it.


I wonder if I may ask you something about you managing to install /e/ for Android 12 in the phone. Can you describe how you did it? What version of the phone do you have?

I am asking because i have a Note 10+ and i can’t seem to flash anything into it and i am afraid it might have something to do with it’s firmware being updated recently. Because I’ve read on xda that there were other devices from approximatelly same generation that became unflashable after updating to the most recent firmware somewhere in the beginning of januari this year.

So now i am considering buying another Note 10 plus that has not been updated recently. But then i read that /e/ does not OTA automatically upgrades from A11 to A12 but it has to be done manually and in worst case you have to flash stock A12 first in order to be able to flash /e/ A12. And if you do that there is a risk of me making another device unflashable.

Gratefull for any info you can provide.

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This is something of a “rolling issue”, the important thing that can be a blocker for a month or so are the two Security Patch Levels (SPL). My interpretation, loosely speaking, might be that the device was “unflashable” that month, but hopefully one can wait for /e/OS to “catch up” with SPL.

Please tell us what you see for both SPL on your device

Settings > About phone > Android version …

  • Android security patch level
  • Vendor security patch level
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I answered to you here:

So i don’t go too much OT here…

Do you have the correct model of Note 10 +? Only the SM - N975F is compatible.

I used these instructions:, but they weren’t enough. When I encountered an obstacle, I had to do some online searching for the solution.

The good news is, I posted all the solutions on this thread. So just find my name and see what I wrote. Maybe that will solve your problem.

Found a solution for my problem. I tried few latest TWRPs and finally got lucky with the version 3.6.2_9-1. Didn’t try more versions, quite happy to finally have made it work… :smiley:

Sorry if OT.