How to root/ flash samsung s7

Hello. I want to root a samsung s7 or flash? To install /E/os with eay instaler.

Can someone tell me in steps how to do it proses. I have tried it a few times with easy inst but at the last phase it goes wrong. Who can help me with this? Thanks in advance grt jdv

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Easy Installer should “just work” with Samsung S7.

The manual Command line install instructions (in addition to Easy Installer) are found linked from this page

/e/OS does not expect or require rooting before install.

You might just double check that you definitely have one on the supported models referenced above

Models Supported
Other models are not supported

If you ran Easy Installer and it failed, maybe you have run into an issue mentioned below and / or you should be able to find the log following the guidance.

Feel free to share the log here.

Edit A frequent cause of Easy Installer failure for Samsung users is mentioned here:

Also covered here Your first boot into TWRP.

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