How to uninstall Maps (Magick Earth)

Dear all
I checked the forum and saw several topics about Maps. But I did not found how to just uninstall Magick Earth. I do not use it, I do not want to have it on my /e/os pre-installed phone.
Could someone indicate me if it is possible and how to uninstall it?
Thank you in advance

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If I’m right, you just can’t currently uninstall preinstalled app in the os. But it’s on the roadmap. In the future normally it will be possible to uninstall every app you don’t want.


Hi to all,
I have a question.
My phone Redmi Note 4, Mido is Obsoleted. It doesnt get any updates now. There are many Closed topics which doesnt have desired answers. So I write it here.

Now if I want to uninstall some default apks from E os, which way is better !

  1. Using ADB method (without root !!) (but it says that apks remains there on phone or
  2. Using Magisk root it, then with app manager uninstall desired default apks and then Uninstall magisk and make it WITHOUT ROOT for safety!! OR
  3. Is it possible to uninstall the default apk using TWRP recovery !!!
    Thanks in Advance