[HOWTO] Shut down apps properly

I’m a relative newbie using smartphones. Still prefer a desktop/laptop when possible. One thing I don’t like is Android not closing apps properly.

Solution: enable Developer Options in Settings, and there you can switch on the option to completely shut down an app by holding the back button for a couple of seconds. App is killed! (won’t even start in background until you open it again).

Fabulous. Should help save battery as well.

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Have a look here :wink:


It will, just don’t go crazy shutting down everything all day long as that will have the opposite effect. Only do this for apps that you don’t use regularly or don’t need to run in the background, and let the OS handle memory for idle apps.


Well, I turned off all “background datas” settings, app after app, from Settings > Apps. But I don’t allow “Position” and don’t use cloud…

I will try to “kill” some apps, in personal profile, with my Shelter-ed config’…

As you can see, there is an option to stop ALL background activities.

Yes but I didn’t see this before I enabled the Developer options.

“Killing” doesn’t work with native apps ; /e/browser launch in personal profile when called by an other app. Bliss too, with OpenLauncher enabled in default settings…

(Because most apps need Contacts and I didn’t find a “use-full” alternative, I’d split my /e/phone with Shelter. Web-browsers run “pro” only, frozen most of time).

You know this option ?

Yes, I had try but doesn’t work…

Mhm, I think I din’t understand your issue. Sorry

Doesn’t matter, don’t worry :wink:

Android doesn’t close app, it ‘freezes’ it until you need it again. That’s how it is designed. If app drains battery in background it means it poorly written. Uninstall it. Some apps may relaunch even if you kill it. Developer options are for app development.