[HOWTO] Sync /e/ calender with Evolution

Evolution is a personal information management application that provides integrated mail, calendaring and address book functionality.

  1. Open Evolution and change to the Calendar tab.
  2. Right-click on the contacts pane and select New Calendar
  3. Select CalDAV and enter the information as follows
  1. Select Find Calendars
  2. Then select the Personal Calendar
  3. Select OK
  4. Wait shortly to synchronize your calendar.
  5. Done!

For any suggestions or questions feel free to post them here!


Thanks for the HOWTO @Mickey I was having some issues with Thunderbird ( do not remember what it was now !) and switched to Evolution for emails on Linux. Nice to have a howto as well now.

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just a heads up, besides Calendars, Contacts, Tasks etc… - Notes can be synced too. With upcoming versions in 3.42 and 3.43 .md file extensions will be included, see comments + screenshot in

(it is sufficient to use the gnome-online-accounts integration for Nextcloud to setup the Calendar/Contacts sync, )

I have calendar events created on the e-cloud syncing to my Evolution Calendar just following your example BUT the events created on Evolution are not showing on the e-cloud calendar. How do I get it to sync both directions?

Hey @ronbillock ,
I cannot reproduce this. For me it works fine in both directions. Are you sure you refreshed both calenders or waiting some time for them to refresh?

I can Refresh the CalDev Personal Calendar that was created but how do you Refresh the “On This Computer” Personal Calendar?
All my events show up in both of these but the only thing showing on the e-cloud are the one created on the e-cloud.

You cannot refresh the “On This Computer” Personal Calendar".
But then I do not really know what is wrong if it does not show up in e-cloud after right-clicking on the right caldav /e/ calender and selecting refresh…

I think I just got it to work. I had to do an import from the e-cloud calendar of the Personal Calendar on Evolution. One test worked. So I will create some more test events. Thanks

If anybody has problems with Gnome 43s Online Accounts: There’s a bug, but the fix is commited. Waiting for it to reach my distro.

Configuring it manually as in #1 still works.