Howto troubleshoot issues with the easy-installer

when will be the next /e/installer release ?

Edit : i mean with more devices

The easy installer is open for developers from the community to update. If there are users who would want to upgrade the Easy Installer they are welcome to modify the code.

The documentation to get someone started adding new devices is at:

If you want a rough breakdown of the steps involved, see

Just updates my FP3 from and. 9 to and. 10 using Easy Installer on Manjaro linux. Superb.
Lots off data is stored on /e/cloud, perfect for me.

Thanks a lot!

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The missing driver seem to be a frequent error. Do you see a possibility to include a mention of this in your howto? There are multiple ways of solving it (different drivers). No idea which one is the best practice.

Well, there is already one entry about missing drivers what do you think is missing there (except the full solution which is so long I’d rather not include it here but point to the existing post with all the details and screenshots)?

My idea behind the existing entries of this troubleshooting document was to describe the situation people might find themselves in and then give hints how to solve it or at least where to find more information.

Talking about “missing drivers”: I probably missed some people’s issues but the ones I remember should be covered by the " Installer hangs after unlock instructions in “Start device in Fastboot mode” (on Windows)" section.
If someone writes a Howto install necessary drivers in Windows I’d happily link it from here if the existing one is not sufficient (I found it to be helpful in the situation where fastboot cannot detect the phone).

Sorry, I didn’t see the section. Adding a screenshot to the section of the moment where easy-installer hangs would increase visibility.

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Bonjour Piero,
excusez-moi de passer par ici, mais je ne savais comment vous contacter.
Je suis un Finistérien de 67 ans qui boycotte les GAFAM.
Mon ordi est sous Linux Mint. Je ne connaissais pas l’existence de /e/ quans j’ai acheté mon FP3 chez Orange.
Je voudrais donc installer /e/ mais je n’y arrive pas. J’ai installé Easy installer et suivi toutes les procédures jusqu’à l’étape “transfert de fichiers” comprise, mais ensuite easy installer ne trouve pas mon téléphone. Il semble quela procédure de déblocage du bootloader ne marche pas, pourtant je suis la procédure décrite sur le site de Fairphone, avec le code de déblocage". Rien, j’ai essayé +eurs fois.
J’ai passé près de 6h à m’acharner sur ce machin et je ne sais plus quoi faire. L’aide de Ingo FP Angel ne m’a pas permis d’avancer.
Pouvez-vous quelquechose pour moi?

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Can someone please add an topic or a point out an emergency case when a phone get bricked.

Gigaset 290 (Android 9)
Fedora 33 (unstable)

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This kind of post, above, is very significant for me -actually it’s a reason to buy straight on /e/ here a Fairphone with /e/ preinstalled
Let’s hope the new model they mysteriously announce on Fairphone (FP4? Tablet?) will be also available here with /e/ preinstalled…
( @yguignot dans quelle région de France êtes-vous?)

Hello Herve5,
I live in Finistere.
My FP3 works well now with the latest version of “e” (0.17)
The only remaining problem is for transferring my agenda from my computer to my phone. I have issues with my “e” cloud account. Doesn’t work, can’t get a new password. Its a problem I put aside as “I had other fish to fry”, but I’ll try again when I can.

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Hi savers of the good cause,
The “Easy Installer” app running on Ubuntu does not continue the installation process on Galaxy S9 (MS-G960F) It waits after tapping “keep read only”
After having clicked on “keep read only” the TWRP is loaded and is showing its menu starting with “INSTALL” and 7 other functions like “BOOT” and “BACKUP” etc. The Easy installer has no continue button and does not give any instructions about what to do next. The only possible thing to do is to close de app by clicking on de cross on the top right of the window. Here is the log:

P.S. There was an other thing not possible further up in the installation process: in the android version 10 that came with the phone, it was not possible to : Disable “Auto download over Wi-Fi”. In “Settings” → “Software update” there is only “Download and install” and “Last update” info

Thank you for clearing this out, if possible. I am now back to be forced to be marred with google.

Hi @encantades your log just shows all going well, then “waiting for recovery”.

What is odd about your story is that the “Keep Read Only” button should be a “get me out of here” call to TWRP. At this point you leave TWRP, a signal is sent to Easy Installer, which it picks straight up, the “Continue” button lights up and the process continues.

Easy Installer is fine at starting again. Every step is checked and verified; any completed downloads are checked as up to date, and the install should pick up in the correct place.

From what we see TWRP is already installed, so the hard bit is done!

Did you navigate out of TWRP ok? If you keep hitting the back button you will arrive at a TWRP Home screen with “Install” at top left and “Reboot” bottom Right. Tap Reboot > System to return to System. In the event System is now missing, the device will return to TWRP.

When running Easy Installer in this state, use Reboot to mimic/signal “Keep Read only”.

Good luck.

(PS, I have seen before that sometimes TWRP misses the “Keep Read Only” initial screen. My guess had been that it should however be shown at the first use of TWRP)

However the log continues; to include:

 last instruction reached instruction
 stage is closing

It will be interesting to see what you find when you reboot!

Hi, thanks for replying so quickly.
I think we miss understand each other (about your ps in the bottom: "I have see before…use of TWARP). Yes I did see de screen with the “Keep Read only” button. When I clicked on it the program went to the menu with: “INSTALL” etc. (The menu of TWARP) here Twarp waits for my action and on my pc screen on Easy installer is see still the last instructions with de last one Tap on “Keep Read only” and no continue button in de right down part of the window. You can wait here for hours, nothing is happening.
I did mange to get back to the phone running on Android 10. And did the hole installation again with same results. Did you read the PS in my last post. Is that not strange to?
You said: It will be interesting to see what you find when you reboot!
Well, the first time I thought I had Bricked my phone, but a very small menu in just text lines appeared after I had tried several times the button combinations and with volume up and down navigable and to confirm with the power button, I confirmed on back to factory settings and that worked. Than I started over again. The second time went a bit different and I came back to Android 10 where my wifi still worked, only the google account was of course gone.

So I have to try again and at the point where nothing happens anymore and I am in the TWARP menu, I click on REBOOT and see if that does the trick. Is that what your are proposing to do?

Sorry for the misreading your description, I guess I am still missing being able to see the broader picture for your situation.

Following on from Disable “Auto download over Wi-Fi” being missing, I see no mention of unlocking. I wonder if we are actually looking for a very simple explanation!

Please can you send a photo of you Odin mode, or Download mode screen. It will be hard to capture the smallest print, perfection not required!.

(I had proposed the reboot button only as an alternative to the “Keep read only” if it were missing.)

Old threads, may contain insights Installing /e/ OS on Samsung S9+ - need step by step help Easy installer - "continue" button not visible

Hi aibd,
OK, I can do the installing again and take pictures with an other phone of de screens of the SM-G960F
Which is running on Android 10 (version: G960FXXSHFUJ2), to document the Installation process.

Before I continue I had link to know what version of /e/OS will be installed with Easy Installer these days (dec.2021) Is it "Q dev " or “Oreo Stable” (I could not find this info)

On this page: Install /e/ on a Samsung Galaxy S9 - “starlte” I found instructions on manual installation
and the files.
I am interested in the “Q dev” version because it uses the Android 10 version (I suppose; it having the “Q” name too, like V10 is sometimes called)

And then next, If I continue a manual installation, do I pick this file: [] and this one: [recovery-e-0.20-q-20211216151800-dev-starlte.img] (At /e/ image ROM download)
or one below (with lower version number)?

For debugging purpose on my case; for you “being able to see the broader picture for [this] situation.” I want to help if this can help improving the installer for others, so what can I do for this? (without bricking my phone of course)
[This] situation is: Easy installer works normal until instruction saying [Tab on “Keep Read Only”]
After taping on this on the phone, the menu of TWARP arrives and the Easy installer won’t show the continue button. Nothing will happen. In this state Easy installer in in a dead end

So I think we really need to review if you should be using Easy Installer at all! :slight_smile:

Today Easy Installer will install Oreo. Discoverable here: [LIST] Devices working with the Easy Installer

As this is an Easy Installer thread, I propose to answer the rest of your question in another thread.

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I thought of making a new thread, but couldn’t find out how.

Adding my troubleshooting experience, as I did not find it mentioned anywhere:

Libusb couldn’t open USB device /dev/bus/usb/002/017

device: Samsung Galaxy S7
pc with Manjaro Linux and Easy-installer installed via the software manager

Easyinstaller was displaying below error and the logs were showing this

libusb couldn't open USB device /dev/bus/usb/002/017, errno=13
Exit value 1

Eventually, I found out that the installation of Heimdall was a pre-requisite, because after installing Heimdall (no need to open the program or do anything else other than install) the Easy-installer passed the step successfully. Heimdall is a Samsung proprietary tool that is conveniently available in Manjaro software manager:

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As Manjaro Linux is based on Arch Linux I assume that this is more or less the package that gets installed for heimdall

I’m rather sure it’s this dependency that makes all the difference:

  • android-udev (optional) - Udev rules to connect Android devices to your linux box

Errno 13 means “access denied” and that’s exactly what the udev rules would fix.

Maybe the next person to run into this error could try installing “android-dev” instead of “heimdall” and report back if that works.