I found google! After they found me!

Check out these screenshots! I have been fighting calendar permissions and event notifications since I installed e/os.

Is there a way to delete calendar? I have so little to keep track of that I can use notes.

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Are the calendar notifications firing off a lot? Every min or 2-3 min?

What /e/ build do you have installed?

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I find it difficult to get what the actual problem is. Some clarity, please?

There’s a generic Android way to uninstall it … Uninstall default apps - #29 by AnotherElk

What exactly do you have in Settings - About Phone - Android version (tap on it) - /e/ version?

The calendar notifications are firing a lot. I received an ota update to e/0 v22 this morning and have not seen a notification yet. I still can’t turn off calendar notifications though, so time will tell.

Thanks for the link to uninstall default apps, this mornings ota update seems to have stopped the calendar event notifications.

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This is exactly what I was experiencing, only it was more random than every 6 minutes. If I was using duckduckgo I would receive notifications almost constantly at 1 sec intervals. When the phone is in sleep mode I would hardly receive any.

Thank you to all who have responded, this mornings ota update to e/ 0.22 has seemed to have stopped my calendar woes.

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So has the calendar notification bug been fixed finally???

Yes, the OTA e/0.22 update seems to have fixed the issue on my Galaxy 9+.

I still have notifications for calendar on my mobile phone Xiaomi Mi 6X with the latest version…