I haven't received upgrades for my OS (miatoll redmi note 9 pro android 11) for a long time

Currently I’m on 1.8.1 -20230206257804-miatoll. Should I do it manually? I guess because of this I can’t use the app lounge. Would appreciate feedback.

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Hello Nandario,

first of all, i wil assume that your phone is on 1.18.1 -20230206257804-miatoll …
Android 11 is the (/e/-1.x-R branch).

According to the Smartphone Selector, you could run the S branch, witch is one lever upper.

Did you tried that ?

If you are really on 1.8.1, as support was dropped for older android version (below Q), it could be an explanation.

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A match from https://images.ecloud.global/dev/miatoll/ would be e-1.8.1-r-20230206257804-dev-miatoll.zip, indeed Android R.

We are currently given this advice about performing a manual Upgrade from, Week 07 2024: Development and Testing Updates, slightly hidden, under

Misc information

Upgrade guides removed

We have removed the upgrade guides from our Documentation site . Users who are planning to upgrade the /e/OS installation on their device are now advised to

  • Follow the instructions given in the command line install guide
  • If suggested in the guide, first install the stock ROM
  • Next if required flash additional partitions
  • Finally a fresh install of the latest /e/OS build
  • Follow the instructions for your devices. The instructions would be different across devices.
  • This advice is specific for OS upgrades ie. from a lower OS version to a higher version for e.g. /e/OS R to /e/OS S or Android 11 to Android 12.

The install page is here: https://doc.e.foundation/devices/miatoll/install

Likely the Upgrade would be required, but there is this troubleshooting guide https://doc.e.foundation/support-topics/app_lounge_troubleshooting.


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