I thinking going back to google


I thinking go back to google?
Why I am missing my on launcher paid version
And Spotify doesn’t working very good

But how about updates from e.?

I think the project is good but their are issues.

Thanks and maby I come back later.

Greeting JdV

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


Try Deezer? or what does not work with Spotify?

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The text below is copied and pasted from here

How do I download paid apps from Aurora Store?

“For paid apps, though, you need to log in to your Google account. This app lets you use dummy accounts by default, but it can’t access paid apps the same way. You need to actually buy those apps via Play Store and then log into Aurora Store with your Play Store account to download them”

(Not sure if it works like that on /e/ but think I’ve seen other posts on the forum about this.)

Also saw this in another thread on the forum :

“There may be situations when you inevitable need paid apps from the Google Play Store. In many cases you can simply use the Aurora Store to install apps you bought (just buy the app from a web browser by visiting https://play.google.com


I’ve a S8 and spotify works perfectly. What is your problem with this app ?


Hello thanks

I haved log in by Spotify and I have somting that not really good works. I can not find mij library?
All the song that I like are there but I can’t not find my library?

Not sure why Spotify is not working properly since I don’t use it

Hello @JBdV, It’s good that you have tried another experience than g00gle but it seems that advantages do not balance disadvantages. Life is too short to make it harder!
I hope you find help to do the change procedure.There is a HowTo for Fairphone 3. I don’t know if it may help you.
Good luck!



Thanks for your messigs

I have a fairphone 3+ and I have try to go back to Google
and have also downloaded the original software for if a want to go back and that works good but I can’t not close de bootlaoder.

What do a ring

Greeting JdV

you could do that, personally i back up all my apps and i have ever since i owned my Nvidia shield, Because some games magically disappeared (IE; zombie driver, Rochard etc) and later apps like ESFile explorer pro.

apk extractor is available on the play store and anyone who purchases an app should back up the apk and OBB/DATA i have a 3tb HDD attached to my router that i use for all my files so i can access with my various devices, movies music work files and of course my android ROMS and apps

so if you purchase apps…back them up

See here, section “4. Lock your bootloader”


What exactly is not working for you? Any error message?


Thanks for your help but I have locked de bootloader whyt a very simple tool from internet.
I will send that to you :blush:

So I am back to Google but whil I stay that is the question :question::question:

bycoshe a get email from??? and other stuff I don’t want that anymore.

I’ll stick with official information and processes as far as I can and not throw random stuff from the internet at my phone, thanks :wink: . Served me well so far.

Begrijp me goed ik heb geen dingen meer op mijn smartphone geïnstalleerd .
Ik vond een site waar werd uitgelegd hoe Ik de bootloader moest sluiten en dat vond ik heel handig.

Hoelang gebruikt u e. Software?

Sorry for the langue

But how long do you just e. Software.

No problem, there are online translators, glad it worked out somehow for you.
I’m using /e/ for about a year now.


That’s a long time

So it works good?

Currently I have no hardware failures I know of.
I have only 1 SIM card in the phone for the time being.
I have a magnetic adapter in the USB port to conveniently connect without plugging cables in and out, to reduce strain on the port this way to a minimum, and to keep dirt out of it. USB OTG wouldn’t work with the adapter, but I very rarely use USB OTG, I can temporarily remove the adapter for that if needed.
I have no use for the fingerprint reader or for NFC.
Charging works fine, I know the importance of USB-IF for the phone.

My smartphone basics (calls, SMS, cameras, mobile data, WiFi, GPS, USB connection stuff) work for me. The phone doesn’t like WiFi 5GHz channels 116 and up, but I can work around this at home, and I learned to accept WiFi as flaky tech along with the likes of Bluetooth and USB for a long time now.

I know what microG does and what to expect/what not to expect from it, meaning I have some Google-dependent Apps installed, but I don’t depend on them working 100% all the time, they are just nice to have for me as long as they work.
I use Lawnchair 2, and so I have no problems with /e/'s Bliss launcher.
I can uninstall preinstalled Apps I don’t like, and I have a working backup regime with a (for my personal situation and circumstances) moderate security risk of an unlocked bootloader.

So, /e/ is working really well for me.

Edit (I forgot): I have an SD card in the phone, configured as external storage because using an SD card as Internal Storage is asking for trouble technically.


I will not be going back to Google. I’m very happy with /e/. I love the app store, having all the apps that I want with the privacy rating showing details and the trackers or lack of trackers. I value privacy so am careful not to use apps that collect lots of personal information or contain unneeded trackers. My only wish is that updates could be more frequent, but that requires support for the developers.


Thanks for your answer

And I think :thinking: I coming back to e. Bycoshe I am done with Google.
You just chat raid Al that tracking I cet email from ??.

Mixed feelings about /e/ after almost one year, four different phones flashed and money given to support the project.
I’ve never been able to have DAV sync my tasks in any of the phones, for example. And workarounds sometimes work sometimes not.