I9305- Flash this patch on your Device

Have you tried to re-downloaded the /e/.zip fle file ?

"Samsung - Galaxy S III (LTE / International) - i9305 - Documentation Suggestions,
twrp-3.0.2-1-i9305.img needs to be used

I finally have made it to install e-0.16-n. It happened very quick. Some problem must be in e-0.17-n. Don’t know what it is. But the problem now is: my sim card is not recognized. Don’t know what to do. Have no internet and can’t call somebody.

The sim patch has to be applied with TWRP

  • Using the TWRP install feature, select storage, select zip, install the recommended version for the patch : twrp-3.0.2-1-i9305.img, go back to the main menu, and choose reboot to recovery
  • after the format /data (if needed), and go back to main menu, choose reboot to recovery,
    do the advanced wipe /system, and NOW
  • with the install feature, after selecting the sim patch, don’t swipe to confirm flash immediately,
  • choose add more zip, now select the /e/for-i9305.zip and then swipe to confirm flash.
  • wipe /cache and /dalvik-cache
  • reboot

The problem is that the download site is not available: https://dl.twrp.me/i9305

On the alternative site the twrp-3.0.2-1-i9305.img is not listed: https://eu.dl.twrp.me/i9305/

The TWRP runs (I installed the latest version). I will try to do how you describe, but have not the suggested img (twrp-3.0.2-1-i9305.img).

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It could was a custom TWRP, and its particular feature have probably been committed in the newer version

Even if you are a windows user,
Refer to the too much illustrated guide I wrote :
([HOWTO] install /e/ on a Samsung device from a GNU/Linux PC successfully)

If you still don’t get SIM, download the latest official Samsung firmware for the i9305
and flash it with Odin Windows or with Heimdall Linux,

Do we know if the device was on the latest Samsung stock ROM, before you started?

/e/ is built on such foundation.

Your link https://eu.dl.twrp.me/i9305/ shows an unusual development history for this device (4 recent TWRP versions in 3 months). It seemed to evolve naturally to v.2.8 - December 2015 (where it remained top dog for 5 years) till it was jumped up to v.3.5 this spring! (One could speculate that v3.5 is not problem-free for this device!)

If you are now adept at flashing the device, you could even go back to v2.8, there is no guarantee it will work, but this is likely the generation of TWRP in use when our documentation was produced.

It is also worth studying https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/i9305/install for clues.

Bon chance :slight_smile:

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I installed the latest firmware GT-I9305_3IE_1_20140731175530_hyn5whpc8n_fac and installed it with heimdall flash --RECOVERY file

after that TWRP was gone and I installed it again.

Then I installed the e OS again. Still the same problem.

Today I installed twrp- with heimdall and after that I installed the patch for the sim support and the e OS. First the e-0.17-n. Same problem. Installation stops in the middle.

Then I installed the patch again with the e-0.16-n. Installation runs fine but sim card is not detected.

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please read the guide and follow the link to install Samsung Stock firmware not by flashing the compressed firmware folder to the /recovery partition but each “.img file” and “.bin file” contened in the firmware to the corresponding partition ( about 20 or 30 partitions are listed in the pit file ).
( it is easier with Odin Windows, only 4 “.tar.md5” files : BL, AP, CP, CSC )

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Is there any way to use the command line to install the firmware? I can’t install the heimdall-gui. Don’t know why. I just downloaded the whole zip file of the firmware.

It is explained with

heimdall --help

I did find this blog: Flashing stock firmware onto a Samsung Galaxy S9+ (SM-G965F) on Ubuntu 18.04 using Heimdall – Aral Balkan

Is heimdall-flash definitely not provided by your package manager?

I just installed the heimdall-gui. But it says:
ERROR: Protocol initialisation failed!

You are aware of:

There are some issues there mention that error! :slight_smile:

Package name may be
what distribution do you use ?


I just try to find the right partitions to the right files. Do I have to install all of the files in the firmware folder? I don’t know where I must install TZSW, MD5HDR, BOTAO and so on.

Heimdall frontend runs. But the problem is the right file in the right folder.


That is some heavy duty detective work!

When you have your print-pit file in front of you, most of the pieces will fit in a fairly intuitive manner. When you have the first few [partition – file] pairings done, the remainder should become easier! The blog post seems to explain better than me!

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To me the problem seems to be that I don’t have the right firmware-file. On the links above there are different patches with zip files for the I9305. I don’t know which is the right one.


There are different patches for the same phone. This is not an easy solution. I better leave fingers from smartphones. :slight_smile:

P.S. I could not post the links here.