Importing phone contacts

all of my contacts are still stored in the phone storage.

within the contacts app there doesn’t seem to be a way to move the contacts from the phone storage to the e-account.

but to click on “importing contacts” within my murena account and importing the .vcf file gives an error message. it says “200 errors” (number of contacts).

do you know any other way to transfer them?


You can copy the vcf file to a computer ( after export contacts) and then re-use it with a new phone (copy back → import contacts).
I see little use for storing contacts in e account (other than having an extra backup).

The way that it should “just happen” is from Settings > Accounts > Contacts. Do you see that on your phone?

When you tap that, is sync ON?

yes that’s on, but that’s only synchronization within the e-account, no?

So your error is probably about .vcf version, or the fact that the list of contacts is not formatted correctly.

As I understand it, in this image alternative “device” storage is on SIM card.

Is the problem about a .vcf generated from this source? There are tools out there, or Linux scripts, which will convert a .vcf to a certain version. You can also clean up a .vcf by hand.

Within Contacts > Settings > Import is the opportunity to import from SIM card. Did you try this?

A search of versions .vcf on the forum will give some results, quite a lot of clues in this issue

Maybe clues here too How to import .vcf card on native Contact App on FP3+? - #6 by AnotherElk.