In some time i am saying

In some time i thinks that the /e/ i doesnt that private and of course i know what they saying but i some times doesnt feel like that and i dont know where my personal data is because i use/used (yes i in this time still need google for some things) the e cloud and i dont where the the data center is, if the e foundation can look in it and some those things but i only thinks that and is only my opinion

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone
Jakub Král (13 years)


If your concern is about /e/ Cloud data-centers location, please try the following :

  • MxToolBox reports that the IP address behind the name is owned by Hetzner GMBH
  • Hetzner reports data-centers locations in Germany and Finland
  • GeoIP request for IP address ( reports it’s full address in Germany
    NB : address is accurate : I own several Hetzner services in Finland and GeoIP reports their correct address.

About /e/ privacy :
Of course /e/ admins have full rights on /e/ servers to perform mandatory administrative tasks.
Unless you’re running you own server, you’ll likely have to face this situation in most of cases (not limited to /e/).

That’s life, the way it is in this “modern” world : you have to trust, with discernment, people who provide you with services that you can’t provide to yourself.

I hope I understood your concerns and brought some answers.

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So admin can acces my data? But they are do not doing it OR they are do? Idk

Please read here and here.

So the are can do it it when IS upgrade? But they are do not selling that to companies?

Please read (again) :

All data on your “own” /e/ server is encrypted and never shared, sold or traded to any third party

About /e/ Cloud upgrades : admins don’t need to read your data (as opening files to look inside), but they need some rights on the files containing them for technical purposes (as migrating from a storage to another, performing backups, …).

Oh ok so i can be safe and in chill if i will goo a in few months go to /e/

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