Install e on Samsung Note 10


I installed e/OS on one Note 10 with some difficulties because of the lack of instructions in the “Installing the /e/ Recovery on your d1” chapter (it needs 4 more steps to work). Thanks to @anon29344687 for her help.

I’m trying to do the same work for my wife’s note 10.
But I got this message on the phone’ screen when I try to download RECOVERY with Heimdall (same issue with ODIN):

“Only official released binaries are allowed to be flashed (RECOVERY)”

Anyone knows how to resolve this issue ?

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Hi, @Eriha, welcome to this forum.

Your issue could be covered here : RMM state prenormal
Know your hardware - Samsung

Hi @Eriha,

  1. Do you install e-Recovery per Heimdall o. Odin via Linux / Mac PC?

  2. Do you install TWRP-Recovery per Odin via Windows PC?
    If yes, do you also use a vbmeta?


Hi @anon29344687,
For the first Galaxy Note 10, I tried the Ubuntu installation process. I had the same problem but I don’t remember how I solved :face_with_monocle:

Now, with this second Galaxy Note 10, the same issue occurs, I tried the Ubuntu process with heimdall as I did the first time. → It doesn’t work so I tried with windows/Odin and TWRP … with the same result.

Some items on the forum speak of a 7 days delay (168 hours), in witch the samsung ROM lock system does not allow to download a non-Samsung libraries.
So I’m waiting for this time…

If you have some other better solution, I will appreciate.


Hi @Eriha.

many (outdated) forum posts (including a 7-day delay (168 hours)) are based on earlier Samsung stock Android versions. However, we are at the Android 12 level.

There are several workarounds to install /e/OS without lag on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Try this one:

  • Step 1 – Enable Developer Options Menu

  • Step 2 – Enable OEM Unlock - Troubleshooting: OEM Unlock Missing - Fix OEM unlocking not showing

  • Step 3: From the home screen of your Note 10, go the Settings.

  • Step 4: Find General Management and tap on Date and Time.

  • Step 5: Here unselect the Automatic date and time and then tap on Set date and select date from previous month. This is how we will trick the system that we have had purchased this device more than a week ago.

  • Step 6: Go back to Settings menu, select the About Phone option › Software information.

  • Step 7: To activate Developer options tap on Build number option 7 times.

  • Step 8: Now in new Developer options, unselect Auto Update System.

  • Step 9: Then, also unselect Download updates automatically from Software Update menu.

  • Step 10: Now, you will tap on Download updates manually. You might get an error but that’s completely fine.

  • Step 11: Now you can reboot your device. The OEM Unlock option will be visible in the developer options. If that was not successful, then further steps are necessary …

Tip: Do not use a screen lock with PIN etc. at first. If /e/OS is installed, it is time to catch up.

Good luck!


Please note: My help above assumes that your device is online (WLAN, LTE).


actualy the only thing that brings back “OEM Unlock” was to insert a SIM card in the phone.
And then MAGIC, the option come back and is active.

After that everything was fine.

Right know I have two Samsung Note 10 under e/OS.

Thanks again.

Finally, is there a place to indicate the document modifications to include in the install guide ?
(I think that it’s the same way for the Note 10 plus).

Hi @Eriha, that’s iInteresting. That option is new to me.

MAGIC … come back and is active? What is MAGIC?


Hi @anon29344687,

MAGIC because, it finally worked. No need to follow the other eleven steps you listed above.


Ahh @Eriha: Using the SIM card - it’s a kind of magic. Regards.