Install /e/OS on Samsung S8 SF-G950F

unfortunately I can’t install the OS on the s8, the easy-installer won’t let me go on afterwards
restart at the end of the teamwin process, and at this point I can’t go back into the
system to restart from scratch, how should I do?

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You could use this link to help find a log and you could post it here if you like.

… and do you have a working TWRP now?

yes TWRP is working.

If you include the log I might be able to tell why Easy Installer stopped or failed !

As you have TWRP successfully installed we can say Easy Installer has done the hardest part. You could now consider using the “expert” build instructions (starting from the point where Recovery is already installed).

You also say that you cannot restart Easy Installer. Usually Easy Installer will run again without problems.

You have probably checked that you can switch manually with button presses to Download mode and Recovery mode. Please try this; start Easy Installer and connect the device Edit, and start Easy Installer, as you did the first time. Now switch modes to Download mode, Force stop, allow to reboot to Recovery mode. If necessary switch like this randomly and I expect Easy Installer to pick up at some point.

Know your hardware - Samsung

On older Samsung, you can see CSC version at the bottom of the recovery screen

hello, I managed to solve the problem by starting the zip file of / e / directly from the recovery, successfully installing the OS thanks to all the suggestions.