Installation on Galaxy S7 from Linux (Ubuntu)

@charlyox, I know, you don’t have access to a windows pc… but I can @Anonyme only agree …

[HOWTO] Install /e/ on a Samsung smartphone with Windows easily using the example of Samsung Galaxy J5 2015.

Did you install the heimdall-flash package in terminal?
Once you flashed TWRP with the heimdall-flash, did you immediately boot into recovery?

Yes, you are probably right. I will give it a try tomorrow morning for there is a windows pc at my office.

While reading your link, I realized that I perhaps have a phone reference not available for twrp : SM-G930U
If you check this :
these are ok : SM-G930F, SM-G930FD, SM-G930X, SM-G930W8,SM-G930K, SM-G930L, SM-G930S, but not mine.

I will check this evening if I may have a twrp for my SM-G930U.

In the meantime, does one know where I can find a twrp for my SM-G930U ?
I think this is the problem…

Yes, I agree with you… I think that is definitely the problem. I unfortunately do not know of one for your device off hand, look on and Hope you can find one…

EDIT: I just found this link, look at here:
hope it is helpful for you!

Be careful with the bootloader, I’m reading alot about it might be locked.

Yes!. Und you have indicated the model Galaxy S7 SM-G930U at theme opening - and I have also overlooked it…

It seems that the only option is to roam Android 8.0.0 Oero and free the system as much as possible from G°°devils. The security patch levels of September 2019 will probably only be a small consolation …

Arg. F**k.
Just to be clear, as I am not a techie myself : no way to install other than Android itself ?

@archie, just to understand. Is it just not supported by /e/ but could be in a matter of time ? Or can’t it be supported because it is “unlocked” and it technically can’t accept a new ROM ?

@charlyox, I don’t know that. I’m not a techie myself.

I haven’t found a single reference to any customROM on the WWW. The only thing left at the moment is the purification of the StockROM Android 8.0.0 and its pre-installed apps.

Try going to the Play store, download TWRP, play with it in the app… Then power off the phone and try booting into recovery.:crossed_fingers:

To download the Official TWRP App it is not necessary to use the Play store. Compare and see also…

» The official TWRP app is the first and only first-party app developed by Team Win for TWRP.
» TeamWin - TWRP - Samsung

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True. But if you’re already on stock android, signed in, it’s an easy download and then boot recovery then wipe phone.

Well, I don’t have a G°° account. Nevertheless, I tried what you are suggesting with a previously untouched Samsung Note 3 (hlte) Android 5.0. Therefore the download of the OFFICIAL TWRP APP was not done via G°° Play Store but via the TWRP website.

During the installation you will see “This app can run without root, but most features will not be available without root”.


Next step: TWRP FLASH: Current Device: hlte


Next step: TWRP Flash > Root Access Required

That’s it.

It would have surprised me if it had come differently. Or maybe I did something wrong?

I don’t know, I didn’t play with the app that much… Probably can give it root access somehow? But if it doesn’t work for you, don’t use it!

Of course I will not use the TWRP app and uninstall it again, because the app is not usable for the intended function. The installation of TWRP Recovery in the sense of How to install /e/ on your smartphone? presents me personally no problem. Unfortunately our companions already …

While in recovery mode, one of the options is “sideload via adb”.
Is n’t it exactly what I’m looking for ? Why should I need twrp by the way ?


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TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) is a vendor-independent custom recovery system for Android devices that is available under an open source license, which is the spirit of /e/.

The device-specific TWRP Recovery is installed once into the existing recovery partition via the manufacturer-dependent bootloader of the Android device. TWRP can then be started independently of the system via the boot loader and can be operated via the own touch interface, in contrast to stock recovery (Android system recovery).

TWRP is used to install the OTA updates from /e/ OS or to full backup of partitions such as system, boot, modem, efs (IMEI), cache, etc. or the user partition or to restore the system (factory reset).

In particular, it allows the installation of custom ROMs such as /e/OS, kernels, addons and other mods, such as rooting the Android device, but also the cleaning of (unnecessary) files, the so-called wiping.

It has its own file manager, a terminal emulator, data transfer via MTP is possible. By means of an integrated Android Debug Bridge (ADB) it is also possible to access the device directly via USB and thus allows the direct start of a Linux shell (with root rights).

By the way: I don’t recommend to use the function Sideload via ADB via Stock Recovery for flashing customROMs. The error “Status 7 Installation aborted” could be the result.

Yes, it’s exactly what you’re looking for!! Use it, as according to the tutorial. Good luck!!


What you’re working with is TWRP. It’s what you just flashed!

Well I am not so sure. is there a way I can figure it out before trying to sideload ?
Thanks !

Are we talking about TWRP’s “ADB Sideload” or Samsungs’s “Android system recovery” (Stock Reocvery Android 8.0.0) “Sideload via ADB” /// “apply update from ADB”?

Can you set a screenshot of “your sideload” here?