Installation stalls on Lenovo YTX703L

I hope I’m right here. If not, please let me know where else. I have bought a used tablet, Lenovo YTX703L. Lineage 18.1 is installed. TWRP 3.5.0_9-0 is installed as recovery. Lineage is no longer supported for the device, so I also wanted to change to e-Os. At the first start after installation the following happened: I set
the language and typed in my wifi password. After that the setup stalled and tells me after a while to use another wifi. But its the same with others and mobile data. So I say skip and it will say please wait forever. Also trying offline install doesnt work it will be stalled at please wait too.

“omginput” described the same problem in his post from November 1, 2022 Device setup stuck Is there a solution now? What can I do? Thanks!

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Hi, and welcome :slight_smile:

You didn’t describe how you installed /e/ OS, what recovery you used (if any), …
Most importantly: you may have to format Data partition, please see Lenovo - Yoga Tab 3 Plus LTE - YTX703L - Documentation Suggestions - #9 by smu44.

Hi smu44,

thank you for your reply. In my post I had mentioned that TWRP 3.5.0_9-0 is installed as recovery. I thought it was clear that I had used it. I installed /e/OS as it says in the manual. It worked exactly the same way on my Samsung A3. But on the Lenovo YTX703L it unfortunately works, as describe, not.

I have the WIFI version of this tablet and /e/OS installation went smoothly form me (ok, this is one year ago). Did you follow steps here:

and install recent e-recovery 1.16 first and then current 1.16R?

Did you try a more recent TWRP?
And I agree with @ronnz98, /e/ recovery worth a try.

Also, did you try to start without a SIM card?
You may format (not erase) Data again, before rebooting without SIM.

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