Installing /e/ on a Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) a5y17lte running Android 8.0

Hi all,
I just bought a Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) a5y17lte and I would like to run /e/ on it. However, the /e/ build is e Q, but the device is only on Android 8.0 and is still not supported for Android X. It says in the manual that the device should be on the same version of the stock ROM as the eOS one, but how is this possible for this device ? Is there a version Q of the stock ROM or should I install eOS Q risking an unfortunate brick…? @Manoj I think the manual is not quite clear about this and would require more explanations.
Can anyone help me ?
Thanks in advance !!!

Hi @Anissa.

You are looking at this page?

With this warning:

Caution: Before following these instructions please ensure that the device is on the latest Android firmware. For example to install to /e/ Q the Android firmware should be Android 10 and for /e/ Pie it should be Android 9.

For this 2017 model where manufacturer upgrades ceased, we are supposed to read only the first part:

Caution: Before following these instructions please ensure that the device is on the latest Android firmware.

The remaining part of the warning (apparently from a template) applies to devices where the manufacturer provides pie or Android 10 updates. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I was looking at this page.

Thank you for your explanation, I will try to install /e/ with my device running on Android 8.0 then. :slight_smile:

Oh and one more question : it says on the manual page that we should download and flash the stock ROM, but the link is not working… Should I skip this step or should I find a working download link and still do it? It says here that this step is not necessary Samsung - Galaxy A5 (2017) - a5y17lte - Documentation Suggestions but what would you recommend?
Thanks in advance

The need for a stock ROM arises if the phone has already departed from the Samsung upgrade path.

Edited for clarity. In the case of a phone with the manufacturer’s implementation of Android intact, simply check the latest upgrade has been applied, restart and you are good to go.

Where you are not certain of history, perhaps check the Download mode (Odin mode) screen. “Warranty Void = 0 (or 0x0)” means Samsung registered no successful attempt on this device to customise. The wording “CURRENT BINARY: Samsung Official” is also shown.

If a stock ROM is required there are links here.

Bon chance :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for your reply! It turns out I don’t need a stock ROM then :slight_smile:

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