Installing /e/ on Samsung Galaxy S9+ with Stock OS (Android 10)

I’m thinking of purchasing a refurbished Galaxy S9+ (as I believe this may be one of the most used devices on /e/ and thus most supported), however I am concerned that it may come pre-installed with Android 10, Pie. This can cause problems if I want to install /e/ as the guidance installation says to “Do not attempt to downgrade your smartphone in case you are on Android Q / LOS 17.0 or Android Pie / LOS 16.x.”

As a result I’m wondering if anybody knows how easy it is to downgrade the stock Samsung OS from 10/Pie to Oreo?

If anybody has any experience in doing a downgrade to Oreo and has some pointers this would be appreciated, before I purchase the device.

Here in the /e/ forum you can find several reports on this topic.

The most important thing before buying is to know that Samsung distributes two different versions of the Samsung Galaxy S9+ - “star2lte” worldwide.

For /e/OS ROM you need one of Europe/Global (EMEA) model: SM-G965F, SM-G965F/DS, SM-G965N with chipset Samsung Exynos 9810. Other models are not supported

For example, here you can track a recently successfully completed /e/ OS ROM installation.

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Yes - I was the aware of the need of an EMEA model.

On the example you provided the original poster doesn’t mention what “Samsung OS” they are on. My biggest concern is downgrading the OS, as on certain forums I have read this is not possible for all Samsung phones, however I’m not sure if these posts are now outdated or if they are still true.

If I receive a phone on Oreo, I believe I can install /e/ successfully.

Getting a Samsung Galaxy S9+ “star2lte” with Android Oero 8.0.0 will not be easy. It would have to come out of a drawer and not be used for a long time. Realistically an S9+ with stockROM Android 9 and Android 10 is offered.

Since Jan. 2020 Android 10 is offered for the S9+. In the meantime the update April 2020 is the fourth version of Android 10.

If you have a S9+ with Android 10 with update until March 2020 at the latest, a stockROM Android 10 downgrade to stockROM Android 9 is possible. And you can switch from stockROM 9-pie to /e/ OS /e/ for star2lte dev (oreo).

Thanks for the above information.

I think I will give it a shot and order the S9+. I will update the thread once I have received my device to state what software my phone has and take it from there.

See the picture below. It looks like I may have my work cut out.

I’m going to start the downgrade process tonight, so if anyone has any suggestions before hand please let me know.

Your build number *G965FXXU8DTC5 and baseband version G965FXXU8DTC5 together with your region service provider BTU indicates that the latest (Sammobile dated April, 15 2020) firmware Android 10 is on your phone.

In my estimation, you cannot downgrade to an older / lower stockROM firmware version due to Samsung’s security policy updates.

Thank you for that information.

I take it from your earlier post if my BTU model had the update from February 2020 (G965FXXU7DTB4), I would have been OK?

Tempted to ask if my supplier has a S9+ with that update or earlier and if it would be possible to exchange my phone.

If you bought the phone online from a company, you should have at least 14 days to cancel your order. This gives you the right to return the phone without giving any reason.

Another possibility is: explain the situation to your supplier and ask him to exchange the phone.

Another option is to wait for /e/ OS 9-Pie and hope that an OS change is possible. (Note: this isn’t meant cynically!)

Only you can decide which is the right procedure. Think positively.

I’m going to ask if there is a possibility of an exchange with a phone that has Oreo or Pie. If they can’t provide this then to give me a refund.

I believe this is the best course of action for me.

I’ve seen a couple of posts like this now @archje , they always mention Oreo, but i’m confused, isn’t /e/ already at Pie for the Samsung phones?

@Rik, you’re confusing /e/ OREO version 0.9 build e-0.9-o(reo) with /e/ OS e-0.9-p(ie).

An example:

Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9+ runs with e-0.9-o-2020043052057-dev-star2lte /e/ dev (oreo)
Samsung Galaxy S8 runs with e-0.9-p-2020042751613-dev-dreamlte dev (pie)

ah i see s9/s9+ are not at Pie yet because LOS dropped support

Hello @KuchKuch, »a phone that has Oreo or …« isn’t absolutely necessary, because with the right firmware requirements a downgrade from Android 1Q to stockROM 9-Pie is possible.

Then we can easily switch from 9-Pie to /e/ OS 8.1.0 Oreo for star2lte dev (oreo).

Thanks @archje for the update.

Unfortunately my supplier got back to me yesterday and said that they couldn’t supply me with a S9+ with Oreo or Pie.

As a result, I made a rather rash decision (looking back and seeing your post now) and ordered a Pixel 3A XL in the hope of installing of GrapheneOS.

Im not sure what the future of GrapheneOS is as they aren’t supporting the Pixel 4 at the moment and I intend to use e Cloud services on my GrapheneOS.

As a result, assuming everything works for me, my intention is to contribute to both services where I can.

Hello @KuchKuch, as you can read here in the /e/ forum, I’ve posted several times due to my Samsung experience that a downgrade from stockROM Android 10 to Android 9 is possible under certain conditions, and from there to /e/ OS ROM 8.1.0 Oero. The example above shows it clearly.

Well, now go to GrapheneOS (GOS). This is certainly not a bad decision, but GOS is not /e/OS. I myself test and use → GrapheneOS to better understand the philosophy of this project with a Pixel 3a. I couldn’t let it go though, and put a /e/ feeling on GrapheneOS at the home screen with /e/ BlissLauncher, /e/ Wallpaper, /e/ Apps, /e/ Browser as second webbrowser. See you next time.

@archje I couldn’t agree with you more.

I’ve just managed to install GrapheneOS on my Pixel 3a XL and I’m not a fan of the default AOSP UI. I’m immediately switched the wallpaper and launcher. Ideally I’d like to be abIe to get the Bliss Icons on here as well, but don’t think that is straight-forward. I like the idea of having certain integrated cloud services which /e/ offers, however my impatience of not being able to get /e/ in a stable manner on a device I had got the better of me.

The main thing for me is that I am moving away from G°°gle.

@KuchKuch, as I understand it, you’ve never agreed with me anywhere, but rather doubted my assessments. As the history of this thread shows.If you are satisfied now, it should stay that way in the future