Installing /e/ OS on Samsung S9+ - need step by step help

/e/ OS Oreo 8.1.0 receives the monthly security lease provided by Android Security Updates - Samsung Mobile Security?

What benefits do you expect from LOS 17.1?

Sorry for late reply, the last weeks have been very eventful for me.

I just want to use an up-to-date Android and I doubt that /e/ will go in this direction in near future.
Can I ask you to help me to identify which CSC I have and which firmware I may download which would still allow a downgrade to oero?
My baseband is G965FXXU2CSC1. I did not find any information about that one.
Many thanks.

Hi @lebenskuenstler,

We now have an /e/pie test-build on this forum, have you tried it ?

The entire thread is an excellent read. Learnt a lot, from questions and answers. Just wanted to show my appreciation.

Here is THE howto Install /e/ on a Samsung device

I’m an experienced user of lineage OS mostly without google services. I would like to try /e/ OS, however it seems a bit outdated. I can install the unofficial lineage OS 18.1 on my s9+ while /e/ OS is still based on android 8 or android 10 (dev). Is there any chance to have android 11?
Thank you