Is it possible to change branches (dev to stable) without sideloading?

Title says it all. If yes: great.

If not: Why is that and will it be added in the future?

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Of course yes!

just download the ZIP to your SDcard or in the “internal storage” of the device, reboot to recovery, and install it !


Is there going to be data loss, and can you do it with e recovery (I have no TWRP)

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Would this be an option for upgrading an FP3 from Q to S, too? (given an unlocked bootloader)

Data loss only If you format /data (erase all personal bits) or wipe /data (= factory reset, erase personal settings and installed apps, but preserve internal storage)

No problem If both dev and stable are based on same android major version
If not …(p to q,r,s) … try, but not sure it will work, (you may have to wipe or format /data or even more in some case reinstall latest stock software available and then /e/ again).

restoring device as it worked before the attempt using TWRP and some /data backup only work 100% if your device run the same firmware, same android level, same /e/OS flavour

Is this also possible with the stock recovery?

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It should work reading this post:

I’m trying to improve my understanding of the process, and I can’t find a clear reference in the forum just now … The Easy Installer will of course wipe data, and as you say a differing underlying Android base will be problematic (“Can’t install this package on top of incompatible data."), so did anybody do the switch from dev to stable (or the other way around) manually within the same major Android version without having to wipe data?

On the documentation page we can read this:

These builds are currently only available on the Murena smartphones
Murena smartphone are phones purchase through the murena Shop

But there is a thing that I don’t understand is if stable is available only for phone bought on the /e/ store or is it available even for phone bougth elsewhere but with the same model as phone sold on the /e/ store (like samsung S9 for example).

Can you help me on this point ?

Initially the stable builds were exclusive to the phones sold by e foundation, but the e
foundation loosened that stance a bit over time.

The Easy Installer installs stable builds on the devices it supports. The S9 is among them.

Furthermore stable builds are available for manual install on a number of devices.
Anyone can easily look this up: Get the codename of the device from Smartphone Selector … S9 would be “starlte” … then have a look whether the page exists … apparently for the S9 it does and lists builds:


Thank you very much AnotherElk.
Initially when I read the e documentation with the sentence i quoted I don’t even think to put the stable build on my phone (bought not in the /e/store).
The only thing I hope is that when the OTA update for android S will be available it will be not only on stable :crossed_fingers:

I suceed to install /e/OS by myself but I’m not very confortable to do it again to change from dev to stable ^^

Again thank you

This shares my Interest too! Is there anyone with experiences in doing that? It would be a very comfortable way to make the step from 1.5-q-dev via 1.5-q-stable to 1.5-r-stable (FP3/3+), perhaps.