Is Murena email optional or obligatory?

Hello kind people,

Do I need Murena email on my phone if I already have two other email accounts anyway (with tutanota and Protonmail)? I have found Murena to not work well. Murena requires internet access to function, correct? In which case, I can simply use my other accounts and send and receive emails via them. Aside from emails I have to keep, I want to avoid storing files in the cloud, due its negative environmental impact.

Thank you.

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It is completely optional.

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Great, thank you. Should I delete via the account I can get up on my home PC, or via my phone, do you know? Or both?

For one part You can delete the account in your phone because You do not want to use it with your phone. But that´s a local thing on your phone only.

Else of course You can delete the account online as well. Or You may keep the online account (incl. the email-adress and cloud-option) for future-options.
as You like…

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Thank you.

Do you know how I can take the Murena app off my phone? I have tried Removing the account under Account Settings, and that just takes away the view of my emails. I have also looked at ‘forcing stop’ under Apps and notifications, but it comes up with a warning box that doing so might make the app misbehave.

Thank you.

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That should be it.

What app exactly? I do not have a “murena app” on my phone.
“Mail”-app ?
Thats a default app that comes with eOS and thus is not meant to be uninstalled.
Just do not use it and you are fine.
Or take a look here: Uninstall default apps - #29 by AnotherElk

Just give it a try as you obviously do not want to use it anyways - thus misbehaviour should not bother you … And you can just start the app again - in case it does.


Hi again obacht. Thanks for helping me.

I’m following the instructions by AnotherElk, and the Terminal (I’m using Word on my PC), is not recognising the ‘adb’ command. On my phone, in USB Preferences, it shows the USB is controlled by my phone, and it won’t switch to my ‘connected device’ (my PC). I don’t know if I have to do this, but I thought I would try, to see if that made a difference to the adb command. I am also ‘using the USB for’ USB tethering, as I am not sure what some of the other things mean (MIDI or PTP).

So yeah, I’m stuck at the adb part. Any ideas where I might have gone wrong?


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Sorry but that’s not my field of expertise…
I assume someone else will step in and provide guidance sooner or later :+1:

OK, many thanks. I will see if anyone else can help.

You should first enable the developer options by tapping multiple times on the build number in the phone information. Then allow USB debugging in the developer options.

Hi MaMaTT88 - Yes, I did all that. I followed the instructions pretty closely, or at least I think I did.

Likely adb is not installed … we have a page

Edit I think not a Windows drivers issue yet, it might be a good idea to work through this after the above link.

Windows drivers issue

It is a known issue that there are often a variety of Windows drivers for some Android devices. It will vary by device, but Windows may have provided a simple driver allowing communication with the device normally, but not in fastboot mode. Sometimes the “full” driver might have the name “Combination driver”. Windows is expected to be able to find such driver automatically as follows.

To check and fix

Connect the phone, powered on, normally booted, to you Windows PC with a good usb data cable, and open Windows Device Manager.

Open a terminal alongside and use the command

adb devices

to check that you can communicate with the phone. The expected response is for the device to identify itself with serial number and another string, for example

abc2345def device

Any device with a driver issue whould appear in Device manager as :warning: Problem device.

If you see a :warning: Problem device, run Windows Update, ensure the warning clears.

Now importantly check the phone in the other bootable modes. Boot the phone into Recovery mode, Device Manager still open; use the command

adb devices

Boot into Fastboot mode and use the command

fastboot devices

Should the :warning: appear at any stage, run Windows Update again.

Still an issue, what is the output of

adb --version

Is it up to date compare with