Is the feedback from Kuketz to /e/ OS taken into account?

Continuing the discussion from /e/ review in German language by Mike Kuketz:

I just had too much pre-christmas duties to answer, but I really hope, that the e Foundation is going to react somehow to Kuketz or his findings, as they do with other reviews. Somehow I don’t think they were particularly happy about this review, this analysis, because there was no reaction to it. It would be nice to see the e Foundation note in some kind of statement to address some (or all!) of the points.

Can I politely ask, did you discuss this review in the team, did you even notice it?

Kind regards and happy holidays to everyone it concerns :stuck_out_tongue:

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this is rather due to it being published in german. English / french would find more resonance with the /e/ team. Forum users did a good job writing english summaries - /e/ review in German language by Mike Kuketz - #4 by Undertaker

I picked directly or adjacent pre-existing gitlab issues to the points raised where I could find them and filled in some info which code to touch upon to make it happen. I think they’re easy contribute to issues: settings screens and flipping booleans.


Yes, I did share the comments with the team. As shared by @tcecyk in his post here, some of the issues are already open tickets on gitlab. Will have them check the resolutions shared in the thread.


Thanks to both of you for answering and letting me, which can not contribute to Gitlab (and the other users), know that you’re on it :blush:


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