Is there a ROM available to flash with odin?


I would like to try this fork but am not interested in using the installer.

Is /e/ available as just a ROM to flash with odin?


Using Odin, you will flash a custom recovery manager, then install /e/ using this custom recovery manager.

What is your device ?

Yes. I will use TWRP as the custom recovery. In fact it`s already installed. I just need an /e/ ROM for my S9+ (SM-G965F).

Currently running iode but it has many bugs that are causing problems and support has been very poor.

Here is the entry :

Where can I find the ROM for my device?

Clicking the first link you provided only reloads this page and the website only lists the “easy installer” that I don`t want to use.

I need an /e/ ROM that I can load with TWRP.


You can check the links here

Thanks for the correct link.

It says on that page that the stable version is oreo. Does that mean that the /e/ ROM for my device is only android 8 based?

The instructions specifically indicate not to downgrade android versions. The stock ROM on this device came with android 10 but couldn`t he manually updated any futher since this model is not native to my region since the north american version of the S9+ has a locked bootloader.

Also the version of iode that I`m running now is android 11 based.

The dev builds are Android 10 Q. You are recommended not to install /e/ on top of a Custom ROM. Please check out installing an Android 10 Stock ROM first, so that you install /e/ on a sound base.

If you are is USA you might also search this forum for the issues Samsung users are having in USA – these are really Samsung issues rather than /e/.

How do I know which of these was the stock firmware though?

Also, dev builds arent stable. Remember, Im looking for a finished product to see if it eliminates the bugs I`m experiencing with iode…

Im aware of the volte issue in the US with 3G networks being deprecated. Thats why I would like to test /e/ OS on this device while its still functional until July when that happens prior to sourcing a similar specd compatible phone that doesn’t have the issue.

If you have any recommendations for a phone I`m open to suggestions but will only purchase if /e/ OS is the solution.

Hard requirements are:

  • No screen notches or holes
  • Must have a headphone jack
  • Must have micro SD expansion
  • 6+ inch screen
  • 6+ GB RAM
  • 3000+ mah battery
  • Strongly prefer an AMOLED screen


There is an element of trust involved ! Samsung are said to provide their ROM upgrades themselves by OTA upgrade only, so once you go non-Samsung ROM you have to use an intermediary (to the best of my knowledge) such as one of the four listed in the link. You might do further research which intermediary works best for you. I have been prepared for a slow overnight download which Sammoblie has delivered ok for me.

The dev / stable choice has to be up to you so perhaps you need to continue to read about that choice. I find dev reliable.

The sammobile website lists over 100 firnwares depending on country. How do I know which one the phone came with stock to flash first as the base before flashing /e/?

You may have to exercise caution with an “imported to USA” phone. Since Android 10 these imports are more highly locked than previously. One back door is for sellers to import phones on Android 8.

A clue to the country of original sale is in a certain two digits of the IMEI.

I tried looking up additional information with the IMEI Number and model number just now. The only thing I was able to gather is that it`s an international model. No specfic country is mentioned anywhere so I still have no idea which of these 100+ stock firmwares I should be flashing as the base.

I am not going to post unknown links but I read:

The 7th and 8th number of the IMEI represents its country of origin or the country in which the phone was manufactured or assembled.

… but indeed this does not really tell you “country of sale” !

Is there a list somewhere with countries based on the numbers?