Is VoWifi available in /e/?

My mobile provider (Sosh/FR) just sent me a mail saying that the femtocell service will be terminated on august the 21srt this year…

I have no mobile network in my home, and Sosh suggests to use voice over wifi instead. But I could not find how to use it on my S9+ /e/ phone. I don’t even know if it’s possible, although some threads on XDA developpers suggests it should be (on LineageOS 17 at least).

Any help or pointer on the matter ?

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Its available in the dialer settings, but its not working, at least not for me…

There has been some discussion the in the forums about this in recent days, see the recent posts beginning here:

I know that /e/ supports the feature: it’s working on some devices (e.g Xperia XZ1 lilac) but not on others (e.g. Xperia Z3 Compact z3c, Z5 Compact suzuran). If it is available on your device, you can find the button to switch it on either in Settings > Network and internet > Mobile Network > Advanced, or by seraching in settings for ‘Calling’.

If that switch is present but inactive (i.e. greyed out, can’t be pressed), that is probably (I say ‘probably’ as I don’t have a SIM for a provider that does not support it) because your network provider does not support the feature.

I hope that helps. Good luck


It seems editing /system/build.prop might be needed…

Unfortunately, I get into another problem: TWRP is asking for a password to decrypt my data, which I don’t have (OS pin is not working).

Seems there is no solution, apart from reformating my data partition… Or is there another solution ?..

In this case, try “default_password” or “none”.

But do you even need access to the data partition?
To work with the other partitions just hit “Cancel” at the password prompt.