Issues with the easy installer Samsung S9+

Dear Community members,
First of all thank you for the great oppurtunity to use /e/, (I have been using it on a Fairphone for years, there the Easy installer worked like a charm). Now I am updating to a S9+ but I am having issues with the easy installer.
Everything works fine until the Installation step, there when I move from the ‘download mode’ to the ‘recovery mode’, I always end up back in the ‘Android recovery’.
I’ve read multiple entries on this topic, trained my fingers for speed as descripbed here (Easy Installer - FAQ) and in multiple posts in the forum. I tried to install TPRW manually with Odin, which worked fine, but then I only have the Teamwin page showing options like wipe and install and can’t continue with the easy installer.
I tried to make a backup with teamwin, however since that failed multiple times, I am scared to perform the installation maually via TPRW as described here ([HOWTO] Install /e/ on a Samsung smartphone with Windows easily), since I am not really familiar with such things, and wouldn’t know what to do in case of errors. Can anybody prodvide help and tell me how to proceed after the installation of TPWR in the easy installer? The easy installer referes to the /e/ recovery setup on the phone, which I cannot follow one I am in TPWR.
In the downloads menu it states that KG State:Checking, I don’t know if this may be an issue
Thanks very much in advance for the help!

This is where I get stuck, ans if I manually install TWRP on my phone, I don’t know where to pick it up again to get into the e recovery mode. If I go back into download mode, the wdi-simple.exe gets again executed succesfully and then I try my luck again with stoping the download (‘Volume down+ Home’) and quickly switching to recovery mode ('Pwoer up+ Bixby+Home) and then again I end up in the android recovery with the /e/recovery probably being overwritten.

You already said you didn’t want to ! … but “hypothetically” if you went with Howto install e on a Samsung smartphone with Windows easily you would pick up at
8) Install /e/ with TWRP

You might review whether this would be a comfortable option, perhaps without actually doing anything, but just to explore TWRP a bit.

I would find this less scary than trying to “break in to” Easy Installer.

KG State:Checking – is probably ok especially if you have a SIM card installed already.

Just to double check – do you think you installed TWRP successfully ? If yes, this is the worst bit already done.

Thanks for the quick reply! Yes the TWRP installation worked well, at least I see the standard TWRP screen with all the options. Initially I wanted to continue with step 8, but after reading that other people beneath the post wrote that they failed and got error 7 ect , I tried to perform a backup prior with TWRP (as described here: Backup and Restore with TWRP) which unfortuantly failed multiple times, which makes me question if TWRP works after all because this would of course also impact my possibilty to restore the system image if the e/os/ installation fails.
Is there another way to check if TWRP workes fine, and or how to perform a backup of the system to which i can move back to in case of a failure?

I do not think this is a workable solution. If you want to go back to “original” you would use Odin and a Samsung stock ROM. [1]

Error 7 usually happens when one tries to to downgrade Android version. Do you know what Android version was on the phone previously ?

I believe you cannot start Easy Installer “in the middle”. Perhaps someone else can give you more certain advice on that.

[1] Stock ROM covered here Know your hardware - Samsung

I have never tried to perform a Samsung system backup by this method Backup and Restore with TWRP – can anyone else comment on whether this would be expected to be satisfactory ?

Thank you already for your support, I really appreciate it!
My Android is Android 10 so thats good to hear that error7 should not appear when installling /e/os Q version

I think that if you can say that Samsung has accepted the presence of TWRP you would not face Samsung “randomly” overwriting TWRP during a standard Easy Installer run.

How would you know that ? Your Odin mode screen would show Warranty Void = 1. You would have full control of the phone booting between normal boot, Odin mode and Recovery.

If you can confirm the above you could then attempt the “crucial step” of changing from Odin mode to Recovery by button presses you already described with nothing else going on.

Before continuing with step 8 in the tutorial, I’d like to make sure that the TWRP works fine. I’ve noticed some difference, and I was wondering if they indicate a malfunction or if I can ignore this
Once am still in Android, regular phone set up, my computer recognises both the SD card in the phone and the internal storage.
Once I am in TWRP, I only see the SD Card, and no phone storage anymore. Likewise, when I tried to perform a backup prior, the internal storage is indicated as 0MB, that makes me wonder in TWPR has really acces to my phones storage (which it propably needs?). I’ve read that people beneath the tutorial posted that they also did not see the phone’s internal storage in the windows explorer, so they put the zip file for installing /e/ on the SD card, I already prepared that, so this would not be an issue, I am more wondering if TWRP woun’t be able to access the phones storage for installation

Yes I con confirm that it states Warrantry Void=1

Maybe as an add on, those were the error messages it display during my failed attepmts to preform a backup (I’ve given up on this, just wondering if this indicates a storange access problem)

Since I followed the easy installer, prior:
I did additional steps than described in the tutorial:

  1. Active developer setting
  2. Active USB –debugging → not mentioned in tutorial
  3. Set the default USB configuration to : transferring files → not mentioned in tutorial
  4. Removed all accounts
  5. Deactivate Auto update system in developer options → not mentioned in tutorial
  6. Deactivate auto download over Wi-Fi in software update → not mentioned in tutorial
  7. Activate OEM unlocking
    → Installations of TWRP as described in the tutorial, can I continue with this set up, or do I need to reinstall TWRP once again with only activating OEM unlogging and removing all the account without step 2,5,6.
    I am really sorry if those a dumb questions, I am complete newbee. Thank you again very much for the help!!!

I would say yes, all the things you describe are liberating the phone; I do not see any need to go backwards ! :slight_smile:

Regarding the backup image I am uncertain, other than as said before, I would not expect to be able to backup Samsung system with TWRP.

Critically does the phone still behave fully under your control with your added TWRP ?

I can still do a soft rest and then reboot into Android (did that by mistake before and reinstalled TWRP), and also go to the download mode. What else would I need to check to ensure that I still have full control, or is this what you meant with full control?

Well by full control I meant that you can do every permutation of booting between the Samsung “normal operation” | Odin mode | TWRP recovery. Especially this one video clip of “crucial step” which you previously said you were concerned about.

The biggest worry is 03:22 AM on your TWRP image ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Be aware Easy Installer might overwrite TWRP with /e/ Recovery, idk.

When I reboot from TWRP (click on reboot in the TWRP menu), Samsung performs a factory reset and I have to start all over again (activating developper options ect → Download mode → Intsall TWRP via Odin → TWRP). So not sure if this the case for me, since I can’t easly jump between the different modes…or maybe I am doing it in the wrong way?

How might I fix the time issue? (When I am in android mode, the time is correct)

hmmm … I am not being very reassuring then, sorry.

I was being light hearted in commenting on 03:22 AM I thought maybe you had not stopped and were working through the night (there are settings within TWRP, but it does not matter).

However it does look as if you have predictable control of the device Edit if not full control.

Since Post #9 this morning I was investigating whether I thought the automated Easy Installer would cope with the device with a fresh start. I cannot tell for sure. This is partly because I do not know why Easy Installer failed you the first time.

Later edit. Another thing that might possibly have been the blocker for Easy Installer is Security patch level (SPL).

The latest stable build which Easy Installer is expected to install today is

e-1.6 Release notes indicate “Android security patch October”.

Look on you current Original Samsung phone at Settings > About phone > Android version and for Android Security patch level. A date in advance of October 2023 typo 2022 is likely to be a blocker.

Having Deactivated Auto update system on your Original Samsung avoids your phone getting ahead of /e/OS.

Looking forward: /e/OS versions e-1.7 likely November 2022; e-1.8 likely December 2022; e-1.9 January 2023.

Thanks again for the help,and sorry for the late response (as a new forum user, the number of posts per 24 h were limited and i wasn’t able to continue to reply anymore for a couble of hours.

Thank you very much for your effort, I think this might have been the source of the error, if I remember correctly my android version was from april 2022 (unfortunatly I can’t check anymore now that I am on e/os/.

With you help I sucessfully wiped as described in the tutorial, then had issues with installing the /e/os, but finally managed to install the dev version with an older TWRP version (couldn’t get the e stable version to install with different TWRP versions, always got error7 erros), so I guess I’ll make do with the dev version for now!
Thank you alot for your guidance and support I really appreciate it and am super happy I am not stuck on google with the new phone and con continue to use e/os/ as before on my fairphone!