Just received my S9 - but have FRP message

Just received my S9 from an ebay seller, will presume it has the stock Rom on it, but am getting what I think is referred to as Google FRP.:
‘An unauthorised attempt has been made to reset your device to factory default settings. Connect to a Wi-Fi or Mobile network to verify your identity’.
I read connecting to a network then requires you to login to a Google account, which obviously I am not going to do.
I wish to install /e/ with the ‘easy installer’, can I launch straight into that to get it installed, or do I need to gain access to the stock Rom first and enable stuff to allow the Easy Installer to work.


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Easy Installer will guide you through what you need to do.

… but installing a custom ROM on a Samsung on the day it arrives may not work.

You should get it online and with a SIM (perhaps a “promotional” / throwaway SIM). Google (+ Samsung) may imply you need an account, but that really should not be necessary.

Have a look at your Odin mode screen to see that all locks release, it may take 7 - 14 days depending on “intended market”.

Good luck


I have installed a random SIM I had in my drawer, it asked to connect to my network via Wi-Fi, which I have allowed, it is now asking for a PIN, I have asked the original owner to provide that, hopefully he will.

So you are suggesting that wth the phone in its current FRP locked state, the Easy Installer will not work ? Will it work once its unlocked ?

I have read the ‘know your hardware’ thread, but not yet all the links, in download mode it reads:

KG State: Prenormal


Does the PreNormal state impose the 7 day wait until I can use Easy Installer anyway ?

I am sorry, I was sure Know your hardware mentioned FRP, https://www.samsung.com/nz/support/mobile-devices/what-is-google-frp/ but I don’t find it now.

You are on the right track to ask the previous owner for the PIN – if I am right in guessing that a previous owner has applied the lock.

If supplied by a reseller, I would guess it was cause for return as (probably ?) you cannot even get the phone working properly ?

Otherwise the internet is full of “solutions”. Untested by me, I bookmarked https://www.xda-developers.com/how-to-easily-bypass-samsung-frp-with-unlockgo/

I often think that it is not far wrong to read “pre normal” literally, at this time the phone is not normal and it requires something lifted.

If the phone is previously owned, in this case FRP seems the “something”.

Edit, Sorry, but to be more complete. I guess anyone facing FRP has to rule out the possibility that the phone was stolen.

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Or came from someone who forgot his gogol password
Or from someone who don’t know that removing the gogol account is necessary

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Have done many Samsung devices, including two S9 just two days ago.

  • SIM: Just double tap, it should continue
  • EasyInstaller: It is not perfect. On Windows, learn Odin and TWRP. If things fail, you have your downloaded ROM and Recovery, no need to redownload, as Easyinstaller seems to do. Plus you can check your versions from the filenames and double check everything.
    (I’m writing this from a S7edge, where EasyInstaller would try to install a recovery and fail, without an warning!)
  • FRP: Will not just go away!
    So ask for a refund or have seller fix it!
    But yes, there is a free tool for Windows, which will do the job most of the time – I had older devices where I forgot my pins… (better PM, me on this)


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Agree with 2nd

  • from someone who don’t know that removing the gogol account is necessary

This is very, very often the case.
It is some thing, I make people aware of and help with at our local Repair-Cafe.
There is a warnig in stock recovery, but you can just continue.

BTW: If it has a Samsung account, it’s more complicated, as they even ask for your password, when removing the account within Android! One more reason, why I gave up on Samsung accounts.

The seller has provided the PIN and I now have access to the phone, in ODIN download mode I now have:


‘KG State: Prenormal’ - is no longer showing.
Does this mean the 7 day ‘PreNormal’ state is no longer restricting the installation of a Custom ROM.

I enabled Developer Options, assuming I should also enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlock - ready for the Easy Installer, but the reboot after Developer Options enable got stuck at the ‘Samsung’ window, so I Volume Down/Bixby/Power buttoned - and it restarted, however it has reset everything.

Presume I need USB Debug and OEM UNlock enabled before I can use the Easy Installer ?

I am currently waiting IMEI.info Blacklist Status Checker to send me a report, does Samsung software know a phone is in FRP mode, and send a message to its servers, of which IMEI.info gets one of its lists ??

Sorry, but to be more complete. I guess anyone facing FRP has to rule out the possibility that the phone was stolen.
I agree, lots of stolen phones and bicycles on ebay ! - a few of my expensive ones of past will have gone that way … who steals the beloingings of another, shame on them !

Phone is reset, SIM inserted, and connected to Wi-Fi.

Rechecking ODIN Download mode, it now reads:

KG STATE: checking

Curious, I didn’t/couldn’t change OEM Unlock in Dev Options, without the reboot/reset occuring …

Yes, I had this too. Seems a S9 thing, as far as I can recall.

Since you were there already… and if on Windows… let me suggest looking into Odin & TWRP cmd install :wink:

It just opens up a very wide range of ROMs you could install/test, if your are a bit into this sort of thing.

Her is a guide explaining things for /e:
S5 LTE - but the same for pretty much all Samsung devices
And on many Samsung devices I could not get provided /e recovery, so I had to find a TWRP, which again in times don’t work and you have to find another version.
Putting all this in a S9 folder on your computer, use Odin to get a working TWRP installed and then transfer you ROM on a SD card for installing with TWRP works very well on almost all Samsung, as they mostly have SD slots :wink:

[edit]: forgot this very good tutorial
[HOWTO] Install /e/ on a Samsung smartphone with Windows easily - eOSWiki / HOWTOs - /e/OS community

let me suggest looking into Odin & TWRP cmd install

Yes happy to give that a go.

But first, should I try the Easy Installer with the phone in its current state, which is:

KG STATE: checking

I’ve removed the SIM, is that why the KG state is ‘Checking’, it is online via Wi-Fi …

Same here KnoxGuard state without sim seems to be checking
S9 and S9+

Is all ready to go !

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Thanks all …

… And with the magic of the Easy Installer - /e/ OS is installed :slight_smile:

Now I need to check that this phone doesn’t have an Echo !

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