Keyboard Problems: Emojis and word suggestions

I’m new on /e/ and quite happy. However, I have two “problems” with the default andoid keyboard in /e/

  • In some apps, there are no word suggestions when I’m typing, e.g. Telegram. But it works correctly in messages or mail, Also the auto correct functions works in telegram after finishing the word, only the suggestions while typing are missing. Any idea why?

  • I absolutly understand that it make sense having people emojis for every skin types. However, it makes the list of emojis really long. I’m using the hand gestures emojis really often, but with all the different skin types, it takes me more than 10 times of swiping to come from the smiley emojis to the hand gestures. Is there a way to combine all this different skin type people emojis in one emoji? (in my old phone with Google keyboard, long pressing on this combined emoji opens the selection of the skin type).


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I agree, having an impossibly long list of emojis is definitely a flaw. It would be good if this could be fixed in the default keyboard. I haven’t tried it yet but I presume if you install an alternative keyboard like anysoftkeyboard, openboard or others (discussed here Alternative keyboards for /e/?) it might solve your problems