Latest S6 edge build reboot loops phone

I tried to update my Galaxy S6 edge SM_G925F using the OTA installer but that failed with an installation error. I took advice from this forum and went for a manual install of the updated file.
I installed using TWRP and this seemed to work well.
After checking that everything worked I put the phone down to charge for a short while and, after a few minutes of inactivity, it began to reboot and the LED was on bright white. This continues until the phone is shut down or, oddly, I start to use it again. Once in use the rebooting stops until the next time it’s left alone.
I downloaded an older image file, this time, and flashed this.
The issue is resolved.
Is this a bug or is it just perhaps that some

hting went wrong during the initial flashing of version 12? Just to be sure I flashed V12 twice and had the same result both times so I’m doubtful that it could have gone wrong twice.
Finally, I tried the easy installer for linux and it informed me that my phone was not compatable!
How strange :slight_smile:

Anyway, if anyone can offer guidance that would be appreciated but, for now, I am content that the older image is working correctly.

All the best.

James Pirie

Hello @jpirie,

Rebooting and bright white LED is a known issue in recent builds, the last stable version being, as you mentioned, 0.7-n-2020021541379-dev-zeroltexx. If it is of interest to you, you can follow the issue on GitLab.

If you’re content with this version, stay on it for now and the issue will probably be fixed in the future.

There’s an unofficial updated Oreo build(2020/09/26) by @itsclarence, which I tested and reviewed. Although I consider it a clear improvement compared to Nougat, do keep in mind that it is far from perfect and cannot be encrypted. I use it daily and am satisfied with it.

Finally, there’s also, a LineageOS 17.1 unofficial build for this device, but I wouldn’t advise it since /e/ is much better when it comes to privacy.

Hi there,
Thanks for the detailed response. I have been quite busy so hadn’t got round to trying some of the alternatives you suggest here.
I was interested in the Oreo based image but, when I tried to install it, I get a warnong that it is not compatible with my phone?
It seems I own a zeroltexx as you note above but that the file you have linked to is for a zerofltexx?
Have you linked to the wrong file or is this the only model supported or has my phone just got it wrong :slight_smile:
A shame really as I was interested to try it.
Let me know when you get the time to.

Many thanks and much appreciation for your time.


No worries about not answering immediately, we all have things to do :slight_smile:

It was a mistake I made and I’m really sorry for it ! I hope this did not damage your phone. Here’s the zeroltexx image as well as the original thread in which it was posted. (It was originally an S6 post, but I seized the opportunity to request it for the S6 Edge.)

This image is compatible with the S6 Edge.

The pleasure is mine, have fun testing this build :smiley:

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just managed to install this build with help from @Bryophytae and wanted to pass on thanks to @itsclarence for the hard work in bringing this to the masses :grinning:
I had an issue with a failed boot initially until I read a post advising a clean install when moving to a different version of Android base.
Once I did the wipe and re flash all went well.
Re installing all my apps also went well and the battery life seems much improved somehow?
Great work, thanks again everyone involved.

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@itsclarence made a new eOS-Q-build for the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge (zeroltexx), which I have tested. Everything works really well, except :

  • the camera app mostly works, but crashes when trying to record video with the back camera, which can be easily fixed by using another camera app, such as for example FreeDCam.
  • There’s still an echo in call, but with @itsclarence advice, I was able to fix it, and now the calls are normal. See linked post for the fix explanation. Feel free to contact me if you need assistance.
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