LG G3 installing twrp

Hello everyone,
I’d like to try /e/ on my LG G3. I have problems with installing twrp on my device. For rooting the device I used kingroot and then followed the documentation carefully.

After step 4. of installing costom recovery, when I’m doing the “factory reset” which should install twrp on the display apperars “Verification boot failed! cause- MISMATCH_SIG_LEN” and the LED stats flashing blue and red. I haven’t found a solution for specificly this problem on xda-developers yet.

Thanks for helping me.

Hi, I have found this howto.

Press and hold Power and Volume Down on the back of your G3
Wait for the LG logo
Keep holding the Volume Down button and release then re-press the Power button
You should now see the Factory Data Reset screen
Use Volume Down to navigate to Yes
Press Power to confirm
You should now see the Erase All User Data and Restore Default Settings screen
Navigate to Yes with the Volume Down button
Press Power to confirm

Thank you for answering. After doing these steps I get the message “Verification boot failed! cause- MISMATCH_SIG_LEN” and the LED starts flashing blue and red. There is no reaction on any key, only removing the battery helps and then I can reboot.

6.] Try this install variation:

After »Installing a custom recovery using dd« Step 5. “factory reset”, remove the battery for a few seconds…

Then reinsert the battery and boot manually into TWRP Recovery with the following key combination:

With the unit turned off, press and hold VOL(-) and POWER buttons until the LG logo appears, then release Power-Button for one second and press and hold both buttons again until the TWRP Recovery Menu occurs.

By the way: My d855 is not rooted and /e/ OS e-0.7-n(ougat) works as well as LineageOS 16.0 or Panta’s unofficial build e-0.7-p-20200xxx.

Thank you, but unfortunatly I get still the same problem. Also when I’m trying to reboot in recovery with
“adb reboot recovery”

If you cannot solve the problem yourself, please let me know.

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Boot verification fail!cause : mismatch_sig_len issue