LG G6 [H870] 2017 Premium Phone


first of all I want to say THANK YOU for this great project! I installed /e/ on my old LG G3 and it is the best custom rom I ever had!

I would like to suggest a new supported device: The LG G6 [H870 H872 US997]
It is a metal unibody device and has good specs especially for its price. You can get a refurbished one for 159 Euro on eBay! I would like to see /e/ on the G6 because it is a good match and would improve my G6 a lot.
eBay link

There is an UNOFFICIAL LineageOS 15.1 and also 16.0 and is maintained.



Hello, I ordered my LG G6 H872 from an US seller that is shipping to europe. (At the moment 100€, sealed)

Finally I found time to root it, which was a bit more challenging than it was with the LG G3. On androidfilehost.com is no ROM for the H872.

Is someone able to create an image for the H872 ?

Thank you in advance!

yeah, will be cool to have official support for this device with regular updates.