LG V20 on Nougat/Oreo

LG V20 (codename unknown): Model numbers: LS997, US996, VS997, H910, H918 (all official ROMS on Nougat and Oreo).

I’m terrible at reading ROMs but they’re listed on XDA’s site: https://forum.xda-developers.com/v20/development More to come depending on what phones I can get my hands on.

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Which one is your?

ls997…A.K.A the Sprint version.

will try build unofficial /e/ rom for it later

Check here Unofficial /e/ Builds for Lineage Supported Phones Nougat and Oreo availiable.

Hi, I am looking for the Rom for the dual sim version of the V20 (h990DS)

Hi, thanks
None of these is for the international dual sim version

well i posted builds for all LG V20 versions, that have Lineage support.

I’ve recently found a lineage OS port for the H990DS variant.
although it’s also not an official port, but I’m assuming since the port exists, I should be able to build my /e/ROM for this variant on my own?

Will give it a shot next weekend :slight_smile: