[LIST] Devices which will be getting upgraded to /e/OS T - Part I

Please make sure this important LineageOS bit makes it into /e/OS T for FP3 …


… else a number of Apps will refuse to work with the fingerprint reader because of Google tightening the requirements and deeming the FP3 sensor’s security “weak” from Android 13 on, see also for reference …



Hello team,

Great work !
Do you plan to release /e/OS A13 for Samsung S10 (SM-G973F/DS - beyond1lte) ?

I can see that Lineage 20.0 / A13 is available on LOS repo : https://download.lineageos.org/devices/beyond1lte/builds


There is an unofficial /e/OS T build for Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact (lilac) - see this post


Just did it, your guide was peerless and really simple. Thanks a lot !

I see there is no new version available of /e/OS S since may ; do you know if the previous maintainer left ? Or are they working on /e/OS T ?

Since you seem quite knowledgeable, I’m currently wondering if compiling the image using the official guide would do the trick, I’m quite familiar with docker, so it shouldn’t be too hard. But I’m wondering if there is any perticular modification to do, which would be specific to this device, and that I would not be aware of. Seems risky, doesn’t it ?

Thanks in advance for you answer.

Where might one locate the Android T builds? I’'m on Redfin and the S builds have been incredibly problematic for me. So, I’m more than willing to load a newer DEV build and see what happens.

Not released yet. You can follow announcements about the progress here … https://community.e.foundation/tag/development-updates. Currently:

Many thanks! Sure appreciate the answer. I’ve marked the announcement post.

Better mark the category. Next week there will be a new topic for the new week and the old week’s post will not be updated :wink: .

I think you found your answer further down this thread. For what it’s worth, I’m currently not using eOS on any device because the home screen regularly reset itself and messed up my icon order. Also since eOS uses parts of Trebuchet (LineageOS UI) for app switching but didn’t change the package name, it’s impossible to install Trebuchet on an eOS device. But I should complain to eOS about that. Not to you. :wink:

You can use any launcher you want. Not using an OS because of the default launcher seems quite narrow. :smirk:

But there are threads about that odd behavior. I never use Bliss anyway.


Reading comprehension, kind sir. I said: You can not use the Trebuchet launcher because parts of it are used to provide app switching for Bliss.

You can verify this yourself: Just go to apps, enable system apps and search for “trebuchet”. You will realize that it is present on your device even though you don’t use that launcher. Since eOS team did not rename that package, you can’t install the actual Trebuchet launcher on an eOS device due to the name conflict.

Since Bliss launcher got reworked for eOS T this might have changed, I don’t know. But before that the above described situation is the case.

Hi everyone.

Do we have any update on this list?
Its 28 of august, almost 2 months after the initial date of this post.
From my eyes, the list remains the same.

Any updates?

It’s nothing to do with a name conflict, it’s because /e/ deliberately chose to disable the possibility of using Trebuchet as a home screen / launcher.

They have said that this will change with the new, improved Bliss launcher, but don’t hold your breath :slight_smile:

My comprehension is fine.
The Bliss/Trebuchet thing is old news that has been discussed many times in the past.

Search results for ‘trebuchet’ - /e/OS community

Still, that being the sated reason for not using an OS…

In combination with Bliss resetting/randomizing my desktop at least once a month. :wink:

Hi, where are the Murena One and the Galaxy S8? They will not have e/os T??
Thanks @Manoj

Devices which we sell through our Murena Store will always be the first priority for upgrade to newer OS versions. For devices which we do not sell but are on our supported list we will try to upgrade them as far as it is technically possible. An easy way to check is by looking at all the devices which have received T or Android 13 upgrade on LineageOS. Since /e/OS is a fork of /e/OS it is easy for us to fork the device tree and with the /e/OS specific customizations to upgrade them.

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I cant help but notice Fairphone 5 is not on the list. Is this because it has not started shipping yet?

Murena Fairphone 5 will be sold with Android 13 already installed just like the stock ROM.