[LIST] Devices which will be getting upgraded to /e/OS T - Part I

You can find the T build here:


Click on install doc for your device in the list → (in the section command line) Install → and for example concernaing the FP3 you will find this : Downloads for FP3

Of course everything is not available yet. We have to wait a little bit more.


The eagerly awaited /e/OS T builds are rolling out. We initially plan to release the builds for devices we already support. Next we will compile a list of new devices that can be added to the supported devices list. Will share the names of the next set of devices that will get /e/OS T.
Some users of the devices which require additional partitions to be flashed as part of the installation process will find the partition files included in the e Recovery zip file.


Hello @manoj

Does this mean that it is recommended to enable the option for developers called “recovery update”?
In this case is it necessary to do an OTA update (in my case 1.14Q to 1.15Q) in order to have the e-recovery up to date before considering a manual upgrade from 1.15Q to 1.15T?

Sorry for the questions, but I’ve never done a manual upgrade :confused:

Is there a thread where one can see the differences/advantages/new features from Android 12 to13 that applies to /e/ as well? Would be interesting…


The first installation would be a manual update. Checking the recovery update will ensure that the recovery gets updates for each subsequent OTA updates. Ideally you should keep the recovery updated.


OK, thanks @Manoj.
I think I’ll be asking more questions as I understand the OS update process.

@Manoj like marmotte32 already mentioned, I would be interested too into the T version for the s10 s10+.
Lineage OS has already it in its pipeline for the devices.
Is there already a plan for it that it works with /e/OS ?
What it is missing for it that’s it may works ?


Will the Easy Installer install the new T build, or must the T build be installed manually?

I’d also like to know the answer to that. And if yes, will my data be necessarily erased?

I think it depends of the device. If you have to unlock the bootloader to do it (ex. FP4), then yes, all data will be erased.

In this case, if you have a stable build, better wait (and pray) for a future OTA upgrade :wink:

Easy Installer customizations to install the /e/OS T builds will take some time. For now, it would be installing the older OS versions.


I have the same question. Any plans/timelines available for this upgrade?

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I made unofficial builds for the S10 series for /e/OS-T if you want to test

I would love to, but unfortunately, the S10 is my main phone (my test phones are earlier models).

No risk, no fun :slight_smile: no, just kidding- I do totally understand

I’m have a 10+, What do maen by test?

well, since I dont own the device I did not test. However, since an supported device by LineageOS and T is the current version chances are high that this version works. I would not install this ROM on your main phone

I have a oneplus 6 also. if you
explain what i can do to help. I will help.

I’m waiting for the update to /e/OS T for my Samsung Tab S6 Lite (SM-P610), because it’s under Android 13. I’m scared to misunderstood the procedure to downgrade to Android12 before migrate to /e/OS T and it’s could be “bricked”.

Warm greating and Thanks to the Staff.

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Me too. Also waiting for Samsung Tab S6 Lite (SM-P610) Android 13 version… :nerd_face: