[LIST] Devices which will be getting upgraded to /e/OS T - Part II

Thank you Murena team for this information. We are waiting for A13 for FP4. We prefer a reliable release instead of a bugged one.

I have a question : do you plan to relock the FP4 bootloader with the next OTA A13 release please ? I installed /e/OS(A12 “S”) with easyinstaller and the bootloader is still unlocked. Locking the bootloader manually could brick the FP4, but - may be - locking it through the new A13 release could be possible ?

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Hi @JA13 I checked with the build team and this is the response


Easy-Installer will lock bootloader only when:
a. User uses Easy-Installer when the phone is locked on FPOS AND
b. The Security Patch Level of the FPOS build the user is on, is EQUAL TO OR LESSER than the /stable build the easy-installer attempts to install.

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Hi, @Manoj for Oneplus Nord N200 should I wait for T/A13 update or can I flash over to S/A12 when T/A13 published? I am now on stock latest A12 Oxygen OS.

I’m glad to see /e/OS T coming for my device. A nice new showing that this device of 2019 will receive updates for some times.



In last year’s November newsletter it said:
“Exciting news for Samsung Galaxy S7 users: an upgrade to Android 11 is on the horizon, expected to arrive in early 2024.”
Unfortunately I couldn’t find the S7 in either list.
Are there any news on the Samsung Galaxy S7 update?
Would greatly appreciate it, because my phone currently runs on /e/OS 1.17 and says that I got the latest version installed.

Is mentioned here …


The lists are about Android 13 (T).
herolte and hero2lte are about to get Android 11 (R).
S7 Edge (hero2lte) has an R build available already for manual install, it seems … https://images.ecloud.global/stable/hero2lte/

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Try this build e-1.19.1-t-20240111-UNOFFICIAL-herolte.zip by @ronnz98

For installing @roonz98 build via Windows Odin3 you can use: recovery.tar.md5

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I’m trying to install this build, but e Recovery can’t verify the signature. Seems weird, since it is a stable build from /e/.

What exactly is installed now? Please refer to [HOWTO] Give complete /e/OS version info easily for support, answers, comparison etc

@AnotherElk : Thanks for your quick replies. Greatly appreciate it.
My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930F);
Android Version 10; /e/OS-Version 1.17-q-20231110351091-dev-herolte;
Build Date: Fri Nov 10 19:07:03 UTC 2023

Then a hero2lte (S7 Edge) build is not for your device, since /e/OS seperates the two, even if simultaneous OTA upgrades seem to be coming.

So, I can only hope and wait? Is that correct?

Yes. Or else …

Hi all.

Currently on e os 1.17 Q on the S7.

How can I install @roonz98 custom rom without losing data and apps? Can it be done?

I presume this unofficial rom will not get OTA updates. Correct?

Alternatively, any idea when the official e os version will be released?

Many thanks

Happy to see that the motorola pstar will get a T update. Any idea when will this be released?

Many thanks in advance and many thanks for everyone’s efforts

1.20-t was released yesterday. Images and OTA updates will be available soon!

Still no 1.20-t for FP4?

This will be the first time I upgrade /e/OS (on beyond0lte and gta4xlwifi). There is no upgrade manual on the device pages.

I assume I need to backup my data first and then upgrade by following the command line instructions for install. Correct?
How do I do the backup of my data?

Hello, If the upgrade is handled automatically through “OTA/OverTheAir” in-OS update then you will have nothing do except accepting the update modification.

I you want to upgrade manually, then make a full copy of your internal storage folder on a PC, then you may follow this guide (redundant partially with murena cloud data) and also use the seedvault integrated backup tool to try to recover some app data ( look inside this forum for a thread on the topic, I advise you to save the seedvault backup on USB stick or memory card, then to restore it, you need to go in the phone dialer app and type something like #restore# in 1-9digits)