List of HOWTOs & add your suggestions

Hi Manoj,

Thanks, I’m sure this will be very useful for new users :slight_smile:

I added “Troubleshoot user-installed apps” in “Apps and widgets”, as this seems to be a common issue …


Hi Manoj,

I added a couple of suggestions, essentially about tips.



Some modifications have been made on the HOWTO side : they are now all in the “eWiki” category instead of both in eWiki and an other “HowTo” sub-category, making it more clear.
A specific HOWTO category has also been created in the French and German group of the forum.

This topic has received a major update. Every HOWTO on the forum and the /e/ documentation are listed and categorized here. So if you don’t find a HOWTO here, it doesn’t exist.

In this case do not hesitate to suggest or create it in order to make things easier for new and non experimented users. Thanks ! :wink:


I would really recommend the

  • [HOWTO] Migrate from Stock/Google Android ROM to /e/OS
    This is very important for new users. If there was a standard procedure it would be super helpful and remove a lot of hesitation!


Edited :

I like the French @Superman How to install /e/ for generic device, because it is very well explicite with its summary and support bootloader unlock method variants, (xiaomi, but not Samsung, not Sony, etc…)
I would like to see the same including windows variant at the beginning, with illustrations and other languages.

I like the @Anonyme’s How To install /e/ for Samsung easily with windows, because it is explicit, well illustrated and bilingual,
I would like to see the same including Linux variant at the beginning, including other devices variants and with other languages.

I Iike the recent @manish How To install /e/ for OnePlus, and @Chimpthepimp for FairPhone 3 with Linux because it is well explicit and very well illustrated,
I would like to see the same including windows variant at the beginning, including other devices variants and with other languages.

I like the @Anonyme’s how to create a bug report because it is too much detailed, and for hide/unhide illustrations feature.


Add : there are photos for a Windows install with command prompt here : (


I don’t have electricity to plug my laptop and try to do the mix/compilation job for a better How To install /e/ as I liked.
(First timer - checking requirements)


Thanks for all the already accomplished work.


Did you check out @manish’s How tos? Its what i started with, thanks again for that :wink:


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March 7

We are planning to add a set of HOWTOs on an updated version of the
/e/OS website.
To help with that we want your suggestions for topics for HOWTOs
that you (would) want to see on the site.
Feel free to create a (or two) suggested HOWTO below and link it here !

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/e/cloud & /e/mail & account
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Advanced users
Build /e/ for a device
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Add your suggestions

  /e/ installation

Add your suggestions

  • [HOWTO] Migrate from Apple/iOS
  • [HOWTO] Migrate from Stock/Google Android ROM to /e/OS
  • [HOWTO] Find Google-Free Alternative Apps (OSMand/GoogleMaps,
    Gmail/K9,, etc…)
  • [HOWTO] Make your fresh /e/ Installation updating regularly
  • [HOWTO]
  • [HOWTO]

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Hi @Roger you can edit the first topic. Deleting your post to avoid confusion.

Hi there!

Thanks for the opportunity to contribute.
Recently, I needed to transfer some files from my FP3 with eOS to my archlinux system.
I tried to follow this guide, in particular the package that worked for me was jmtpfs (android-file-transfer (obviously?) and mtpfs(less obviously) were not able to mount the device).

It would be nice to have a tip about this in the “Transfer your data…” section.

I am not editing the original post for two reasons: I can not find the edit button :grimacing: ; maybe other packages will do the job too and I was not able to make them work. Probably just a reference to the archwiki where all the possibilities are listed could be fine.

Thanks a lot for your work.

I think a ‘howto config/use microg’ will be quite helpful for newcomers… and for me too :wink:


Hi, it would be great to add “Howto backup System with TWRP”


Hello @manoj,

How to self-host the cloud as a first step doesn’t seem to be in your list, is it? Other topics on self-hosting are, but not setting it up in the first place. You could add this with a reference to:

Also, your list in the first post seems to contain a few more HowTos than the list on the website:

Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:

Busco informacion en español sobre el launcher.
Justo acabo de instalar /e/ en mi antiguo Xiaomi Mi A1 para probar y verificar que app necesito.
Bliss launcher no me permite mover ni organizar los widgets de una a otra pantalla.
¿Donde puedo encontrar informacion sobre este launcher? o ¿Recomiendan Algun otro launcher?

Hay una buena coleccion de lanzadores en F-Droid.Personalmente uso TotalLauncher, aunque no esta en los repositorios de F-Droid.

I think having a tutorial video on installing /e/ would be a great help for first time users.
It is much easier to understand than reading the text.

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Has anyone build e with nfs and ssh support? I’d be interested in building my own e to have the support in place. I think this could be also interesting for others to have available.

I know im not responding to the topic but i would appreciate a “What” topic. Like what is the difference between aurora store and /e/ store. What data is sent if i use MicroG ?

I know those informations are found in the forum but i am not an advanced user and i have a hard time understanding the global picture. A summary would be helpful to make it clear.


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I was thinking the same and have been reading quite a bit on this forum too. The FAQs have been helpful too as they contain many “what” topics:

Are German HOWTOS also allowed here?