[LIST] Release plan for /e/ R on new and supported devices

Are maybe working on 5G phones? Could Motorola Moto G50 XT-2137-1 (Ibiza) be added on the supported devices list? :pray: :pray: :pray:


i successfully installed /e/OS on my wife’s Samsung S7 phone and my Samsung S5e tablet.

Now the only device i am not de-googled is my HTC U Ultra Smartphone.

Is there a plan to support HTC U Ultra in the future? It’s still a great device.
And i would prefer /e/ OS over e.g. a custom Lineage ROM.
/e/ OS is a complete system, including all apps i need, it would be really great to have it on my HTC, too…

Thanks and best regards

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My understanding is that officially, HTC does not allow unlocking of the bootloader. As you are aware, without that, flashing a custom ROM is not possible.

Thank you for your response.
I thought unlocking bootloader is possible, but i maybe am wrong:

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All that little article did was show how to toggle a switch to allow unlocking. No actual unlocking, no fastboot instructions, no nothing. A fake guide.
If it were only that easy. :expressionless:

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How about Samsung A51? Any chance e/OS will be ported to this model?

Would it be possible to look at dropping out the Oneplus One 16GB version only? as far as I can tell from the forum/wiki the problems seem to be around partition sizes. the moslty used (AFAIK) Bacon has 64GB storage.

Hi @bonusbartus welcome to the /e/ forum. As far as I can see, the filesystem size error (which has been part of the blocker for /e/) is probably not connected directly; where both devices share the devicecode ‘bacon’, this has to be accommodated within the build. If you have the device and you could test or examine this experiment, Experimental Custom build 'extra_minimal_apps' for Oneplus One - bacon, I would love to look into this deeper.

(I do not think bacon will be on the release plan for /e/ R soon !)

I got one Bacon that is still working, no problem for me to try this :slight_smile: let’s discuss in the other thread.


Don’t know if you’ve found this already, but you can unlock the bootloader of the HTC U Ultra (officially) on htc dev.

Click on the drop-down menu, scroll to “All Other Supported Models” option at the very bottom, and proceed. This is how I did it.


Nokia 6.1 Plus Official e release please @theimpulson , official LOS release version is 18.1 by you :slight_smile: (DRG LOS Official)

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What about Motorola xt2165-6 ?

What do you mean, R version has been available for some time:


And it’s at list to have android S


I am currently running R unofficial by @RdLr on Samsung A3(2016), 1.4-r-20220927-UNOFFICIAL-a3xelte. It booted nicely and is running absolutely fine. In fact it is superior to Q as I no longer see Error message after clean Q install (#2840) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab.

I hope that we can have an official /e/ build before too long, please.

(The similar devices a5xelte and a7xelte also maintained by Danny Wood and at Android R in LineageOS may well be worth a trial official build too.)

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Hello @aibd,

many thanks for your report!
And - addressed to the e-team - let me stress once again (as I already mentioned in gitlab issue #5320 ) that an R build for a3xelte doesn’t require any specific adjustments (especially no additional explicit local manifests are needed). Using the community docker image a simple

docker run --rm \
    -e "BRANCH_NAME=v1.4-r" \
    -e "DEVICE_LIST=a3xelte" \
    -e "REPO=https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/os/releases.git" \
    ... \
    ... \
    ... \

will do the job for v1.4-r .


I have just downloaded 1.4 to my Samsung S9 Pluses. On the system screen it still says Android 10, is that just an oversight?

The Samsung S9+ is still on Q; this thread is “Release plan” for R.

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The /e/OS version number doesn’t say much about the underlying Android version. This will depend on what is available on a specific device and what the /e/OS team can make work on a specific device.

@aibd is right. You can have a look here regarding the S9+ (codename star2lte)…

Dev release channel: https://images.ecloud.global/dev/star2lte/
Stable release channel: https://images.ecloud.global/stable/star2lte/

Both on Q (Android 10) currently.

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Xt1710-07 albus will have an R-based version?