Locking the Bootloader - Teracube 2e (not emerald)

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According to this post by @Manoj , the bootloader on the T2e first batch cannot be re-locked after flashing to /e/. However, this has been some time ago and Since then the upgrade problem of the first batch of T2e has been solved by a manual upgrade from 1.0 to 1.5. Updating via OTA is working for these devices smoothly (at least for me) ever since, the same way as for the emerald. The instructions for re-locking the bootloader for the emerald seem general enough (to the uninitiated) to be executed on the 2e as well (except for the “before rebooting” part, but maybe that’s not necessary), so my question is:

Can the Teracube2e’s (running 1.8) bootloader be now re-locked with these instructions?

I personally find the message “Orange state…” VERY annoying… it always gives me the feeling that something is wrong with the device. And of course (and with the same token), if the target audience of /e/ is the general public, then it should not be happening.

Some more details about this relocking issue and (possible) security issue therein are at Teracube 2e Orange State at Reboot.

Hi @UBoMWe checking on this with the porting team. Will update.

Hi @UBoMWe checked with the team, and they responded that as yet there is no work done on locking the bootloader. Will update if this is ever planned and if we have an ETA.

Hi @Manoj ,

Thanks for your prompt reply. Then I guess the answer to my original questions is that “it is not known” (whether the locking instructions for the emerald batch work for the 2e batch).
Any chance that you have a test 2e device there just to give it a try? I don’t want to mess with mine, it is my regular driver.

The bootloader can be locked again.

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We see different lock ability (edit, for zirconia vs emerald) shown on the official pages:

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I don’t blindly rely on the /e/ documentation, but try it out myself on the device. Then I know what’s what.

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