Long-term plan for /e/ official app store

If you want to pay the bill for a phone call from France to Congo, I’d gladly take your IBAN :smirk::wink:

There’s this new thing called Skype… Oh, wait, it was bought by MSFT !

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Jitsi Meet in browser perhaps.


Try to convince a whole non-democratic country that has so many things to fix on the list that “privacy” isn’t even a known term regarding coms… :man_shrugging:t2:

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@gael sorry to say but you are going to be attacked on a regular basis for going up against big tech. Please ignore these nitpickers and moaning minnies. I don’t care one iota what the bloody welcome message is on cleanapk.org, who runs it, where the apps come from or anything else. I suspect that 99.95% of /e/ users will feel the same way and those that have a problem - may well have an ulterior motive. I appreciate everything you are doing to make /e/ a success. Long may it continue.


Thank you @damianham
I’ve been used to this for a while. There have always been those kind of discussions since I started some projects in the open source field. I don’t think this comes from the big techs, we are not that visible yet. Probably they are from a minority of ultra-dogmatic users who don’t accept or lack to understand the complexity of the world, who think we can build a brand new, perfect and pure world in a day. Those people don’t understand that bringing a non-perfect solution at a given day can be a step for something different and better tomorrow.

But I’ve always said, for twenty years, that I don’t believe in revolution. I believe in evolution. My mission is to bring something better (or at least to try), and to bring more and more people to more ethical IT, to open source etc., I’m not here to please the fanatics.

Those people will never hear any of the explainations you give actually. At some time they decide that you are wrong and whatever you say, whatever you do, they will try to prove that you are wrong, forever, mostly relying on dogmatics or personal attacks. That’s ultimate bad faith.

Sometimes those discussions are tiring, but they can also be inspiring. Also, having a lot of criticism is a sign that we are doing something important. Otherwise, these guys would just ignore us and put their negative energy somewhere else. And, in the end, they always give me a bunch of extra energy that fuels my passion to succeed with the projects. That’s a positive paradox :slight_smile:


On 09.11.2019 we celebrate in Germany the 30th anniversary of a peaceful revolution: The fall of the wall - and the end of the separation of two German states.

New ideas and inventions are based on progress that others have made before. The wheel does not have to be reinvented. Optimizations early to technical evolutions, as it will show /e/.

Naggers and pessimists can be found in all industries, in all forums. This is nothing new. Sometimes they actually offer food for thought - sometimes. They are part of the business.

As long as the sky does not fall on the head of the project (Majestix & Asterix send their greetings), I will support it and make it public. I am looking forward to the time after the Mobile World Congress in February 2020 in Barcelona.


Hi @dotcoma,

No, I didn’t see that change in the text at api.cleanapk.org. web.archive.org doesn’t have that page archived, and if @eon had had their wits about them they would have archived it for later reference.

If anyone is interested (although it may add to the conspiracy-tin-foil-hatting) the domain cleanapk.org is registered with gandi.net and the registrant said they are in France: https://whois.gandi.net/en/results?search=cleanapk.org

TBH I hadn’t thought much about where the apps were coming from as I’m not using the /e/ app installer much, I use F-Droid mostly.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Also interesting, info cleanapk org is at, and e foundation is at Same subnets!

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