Looking for a past /e/ wallpaper

A while ago, I made the mistake to try a new wallpaper without making sure the old one was still an available option on my then version of /e/. Now I wonder if I can still download the old wallpaper somewhere.

The wallpaper I want is still shown in the Murena Shop, for example on the Fairphone 3+ page:

While it seems there used to be an /e/ cloud upload/download folder for wallpapers, this was apparently taken offline. Or has it been moved elsewhere?

Any other way to get that green wallpaper back that is shown in the picture above?

I have a similar problem. You can get all the wallpaper you want of /e/ by searching in the github page of the /e/ project. Not really trivial to found the WP but I manage it so you can :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Wait, so have (some of?) the on-device wallpapers been removed recently?
They’re at least still available on my devices.



I never used the stock wallpapers. I have a collection for myself and use it for years. What I would like to have is a wallpaper changer in the OS. Why can’t there be a setting for that? (Yes, I know, there are Live Wallpapers for that …)

I was looking for the location of the on-device wallpapers back in January 21. On my old XA2 running eos-q at the time it was at /system/app/ and they were in Backgrounds.apk.

Can’t find them on similar phone running eos-s, but I have the folder on pc still.



I think the one in my original post (and thankfully posted by chrisrg right above) isn’t there anymore … I actually believe I first noticed its disappearance after the upgrade to 1.0 (still within the same Android version Q then).

On my side I’m going crazy. I had the same problem in October when I wanted to put back the wallpaper by default. It was no longer on the phone. I said to myself, what the hell, I’ll grab it from the gitlab (since it’s open source) the wallpapers must be there.
And BINGO, I found all the wallpapers possible.
But since this morning I can’t find the directory where the wallpapers are in the gitlab page… :frowning:
I’m going crazy :slight_smile:

I got only this but this is not what we are looking for :

Checking with the design team in case they have more information around these wallpapers. Will update.


This one? res_1080p/common/drawable-nodpi/e_final_5.jpg · bab1525e18ae764f4d2df248a0d209f85746768f · e / os / android_packages_apps_Backgrounds · GitLab
(Commit: Backgrounds: Add /e/ wallpapers (bab1525e) · Commits · e / os / android_packages_apps_Backgrounds · GitLab)


YES thanks !
Don’t know why I didn’t found it.

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Thank you very much @chrisrg @smu44 and @Manoj.

One more practical question. I now have a 1080x1920 wallpaper on a 1080x2160 display size.

What would be the most recommendable way to deal with this? Letting the system stretch the unedited wallpaper to fit my screen OR picture-edit the file (btw, there’s also a 1440x2560 version in the Commit) manually to fit my screen?

I always used Gimp to stretch the image a bit and then to crop it so that it fits exactly my screen.


Found the commit which deleted /e/ wallpapers for v1-r: Update wallpaper (3eb567ef) · Commits · e / os / android_packages_apps_Backgrounds · GitLab
Some were added back for v1-s in Backgrounds: add /e/ wallpapers (67de1990) · Commits · e / os / android_packages_apps_Backgrounds · GitLab


Indeed I don’t look in the right commit. That’s why I can’t find it. Again thanks. :slight_smile:

Have created an issue for the deleted wallpapers and shared info with the dev team.


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