Low sound levels, specially microphone

Using /e/OS (mido 0.9-n) on a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 X, self installed, the sound all around the system is a bit low.

This happens both on playing and on recording, but much specially in recording: the microphone volume is very low!

Recording voice messages on Telegram, my voice in phone calls… is all too low.

This is not the first time I have experienced this on /e/OS: the voice messages of other mobiles with /e/OS are also low.

I don’t know if there’s any way to solve this for users or if it must be done on new builds.

I read this other topic, but I think it’s about other different issue:

I suggest you to try the Pie test build to see if the issue still persists :

Thanks @Anonyme!
Although, I don’t know if I’ll take part in testing by now, as this is the only device I have and also because I’m not too experienced on flashing, or I feel that way at least.

Anyway, to have the info, how could I make a backup of the nowish system?
Also needing to flash Stock ROM before /e/ scares me, as I don’t feel enough confident to reflash the backup :sweat_smile:

Go into TWRP > Backup > select every boxes to backup everything > and swipe to backup.
(it might be different, I don’t remember exactly how it is)

The backuo will be where you saved it, by default it’s on the internal storage so to find it, reboot into the system (on /e/), connect to your PC, allow File transfer by clicking on the new notifications, and you will find the backup in the TWRP directory.

Hi again. I thought if it would be possible to have beta Pie upgradable from System, instead of having to freshly install it (what might be difficult to some users)

Hi, but it’s not possible, the dev branch can’t receive testing branch updates. It can, but everybody would receive it. And there is no way to show individual updates depending on the owner of the phone.

And anyway, an upgrade without wiping data could work, but could also create problems.

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This would require combining the firmware with the OS build. We are as yet not able to achieve this. There are members in the team working on getting this done but it may take time and may also need some elaborate testing. For now the OS upgrade process will require a manual flash the first time.

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Okay, understood.

I feel like testing Pi/e/, but need before more info.
Will this work?

When I moved from the dev branch (Oreo) to the unofficial branch (Pie), a dirty flash (without any wipe) worked for me.

Though, as I said above, you might not be so lucky so backup before trying.

Having still this issue, although I didn’t try to upgrade to Pie, I have searched into the internet about my problem and it seems to happen in many Xiaomi Redmi and Mi models.

Almost always it is not a hardware issue, but software. I have though that that could be the case on /e/ too.

Here an article:

If MIUI developers solved this, for example, for Pie version, would also the Pi/e/ version solve it? Or is it totally independent?