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I have been using my /e/ GS290 for a few months and i am very happy, no problems at all! I bought it preinstalled from the website. However browsing this forum i noticed that a user mentioned that GS290 as well as FP3 does not support MAC randomization which is suppose to be enabled in Android 10. Is this really true?

This is the post that mentions that issue

it’s up to the wifi chip + driver to have it implemented. If you go by the comments (and the official docs), the GS290 as a A9 launch device isn’t expected to have it. But mac randomization is no magic, it’s just a interface thing. By looking at the device overlay config.xml it doesn’t look like it had support when it launched. Not saying the driver can’t do it.

Only devices that would be launching with Android 10 as their first OS, is expected to have this feature as standard.

Ok thanks! But from what i understand there are 2 types of MAC randomization. One was introduced with Android 8 or 9 i think and its about the wi fi beacon mac address with which the phone scans for nearby wi fi. The other MAC randomization was introduced with Android 10 and this is the MAC when you connect to the wi fi. So in the case of Gigase gs290 which kind of wi fi randomizations are present or not present? I hope at least the wi fi beacon MAC address is randomized because it was introduced earlier.

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My old Xiaomi MiMIX2 (chiron) can do it :

But it’s a Qualcomm device :wink:

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