Making /e/OS as Free as possible

The Magic Earth ‘Maps’ application should be installed as an user app instead of a system app thus enabling an user to have the option to completely uninstall it from their system and not just deactivate it.


Yes but if you use ABD you can uninstall completely. No root required. You can use GitHub - Lorenzoantonelli/TapDebloater: Simple debloater for Android devices
And remove any system apps you want.

no, you only uninstall it for the current user, unless you have root access.

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My mistake sorry. With the tool tapdebloater you can, no root obviously.

The tool uses ADB to do the job, too, the same commands you could enter yourself, so it does the same things, see TapDebloater/ at master · Lorenzoantonelli/TapDebloater · GitHub.

But it’s a technicality, I think. In the end the Apps getting treated this way are effectively gone (for the user).


Yes. This is exactly why I wish for the app to become an user app, because even with adb you aren’t really removing the app. It’s still there, in your system.

CalyxOS let’s you pick your apps to install on setup. I think it installs them only as user apps (but I don’t know). If it’s true /e/ could “steal” this for their setup wisard.